The Words of the Ellanson Family

New Hope Farms Flood Cleanup - Thank You All

Lowell and Lesa Ellanson
May 10, 2007

All of us at New Hope Farms Equestrian Park wish to thank the volunteers who so graciously took time out to help in the flood cleanup on May 4 -6. The glorious weather was balmy and beautiful and everyone worked under blue, cloudless skies. Tasks included raking, shoveling up river silt, removing tangles of leaves and other debris from paddock fencing. Westrock Il Shin Second Generation and their parents worked alongside the New Hope Farms heavy equipment, B.I.A. students toiled to repair fencing and clean curbs. The result: New Hope Farms looks better now than it has in years, due solely to those who came, shedding their sweat for the earth.

Blessed Central Families from the tri-state area, students from Bridgeport International Academy in Connecticut and local Second Generation are owed our deepest gratitude and our sincerest thanks. On behalf of the New Hope Farms staff, the horses, and the entire Creation, may God bless you and your families.

Lowell and Lesa Ellanson

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