The Words of the Ellanson Family

New Eden Equestrian Academy Enrollment

Lowell and Lesa Ellanson
December 11, 2009

Hello family! Merry Christmas and a Happy God's Day. New Eden Equestrian Academy at New Hope Farms in Port Jervis, New York, has student openings for the spring 2010 semester. If you really love horses and the outdoors, if living in the country appeals to you, and if you want to excel academically, NEEA is for you. Enrollment criteria is the following:

1. Students must be currently enrolled in a certified home school program.

2. Students must be of high school age, age 15 and up.

3. Students should have a sincere interest in riding, horsemanship and the outdoors.

4. Interested students will complete an interview explaining why they wish to enroll in an equestrian academy.

Applications are available now and through January 5, 2010. If you are interested, contact Lowell and Lesa Ellanson. 

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