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2010 New Hope Farms Summer Internship

Lesa Ellanson
March 17, 2010

Applications for 2010 Summer Internship at New Hope Farms are now available by emailing us. Due to the overwhelming response in 2009, spaces for this year's program are limited. Please see below and please feel free to email if you have any questions.


The work is demanding, the experiences are very wide-ranging, and the rewards are great. This program is designed to experience True Parents' vision for living and working in the country alongside God and His creation.

Program of Study:

(A) Principle of Creation from the Original Divine Principle DVD's, True Parents' speeches from Cheon Seong Gyeong on the hobby industries and the Pacific Rim.

(B) There will be equine care and horseback riding. There will be property / grounds maintenance and building projects. Also, there will be event production during the Deerpark Family Festival. Participants will assist as workshop staff for the CIG Horsemanship Challenge and for the Treasures of Heaven Special Needs Family Camp. Outdoor projects will be done in teams.


Must be healthy (minimal or no allergies), and be physically able to engage in farm chores. Must be capable of assuming responsibility, be a team player and be able to work independently. Also, bravery, compassion, athleticism, courage, maturity, humor, humility and neatness, while not required, can be very useful.


FFWPU Second Gen high school juniors (16 & up) and college students


July 2 - August 1, 2010


Living a (Farm) Life of Faith and the Ideal


$350.00 (includes room, board, instruction, learning materials)


June 15, 2010. Submissions after June15, fee is $450.00. 

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