The Words of the Eu Family

Testimony of Reverend Eu at Hoon Dok Hae

September 30, 2003

Dear Family,

Father asked that we have the testimony of elders during our 7 nations restoration process. Today we heard Rev. Eu (72 Couple and former WDC and Denver Regional Director in the 80's).

Michael Jenkins

Testimony of Rev. Eu (72 Couple),

On Christmas Day in the early days, we were so poor. We would like beggars. Father appeared in my dream three times. On Christmas day three women came to the church and gave three different gifts to Father. One was a piece of candy and two other very humble gifts were given to Father.

At that time Father made a lottery for us to draw from. Everyone received a number except three of us. Then Father had another lottery and the final 3 were chosen. I opened up my paper and it said number 3. Then Rev. Ahn said this was very special. I was asked to sing a song. This was 1957. I am know as the ugliest man in the world. I was sent to Jeung Ju and I was paired up with a grandma. She also was very ugly. We were given so many cookies and food by our church there. We went witnessing but I always felt that I was chosen.

Later in 1984-85 Father said as he was in Danbury, I must have 1600 ministers to support me. Then I received a revelation in Washington D.C. that I must take responsibility for this. I determined to give my life for this. Then Michael Jenkins and Jim Flynn came and the Regional Directors and Coordinators helped bring all the ministers and we fulfilled the goal. This was a most important providential condition to protect True Parents. It was a great victory and became the foundation for the Christian clergy supporting Father.

Then Father sent me to Japan. I felt so difficult. All my children were in America and I determined to save America, but now I had to leave and had to go another way. While in Japan, I got a call from True Mother that she wanted me to bring 16,000 Japanese women to Korea to be with Father. Not only did they have to go to Korea but they had to go with a donation. Mother said it was so important that we fulfill the will of our True Parents. She said that Father couldn't come to Japan and he was so sad. After Mother called I cried and cried. Then I determined to make the goal. Then through the mobilization of the members with heart we fulfilled.

Then I was sent to Chung Pyung for 40 days before the palace. It was very important that we fulfill there. Then we were told to go to a country and we had to pick the lottery again. Then I picked the number 4 and that sent me to Malaysia. Rev. Hwang was comforted me by saying what a good country Malaysia is. Then I went there. I had another dream. I'm a dreamer like Joseph. This dream led me to three special people. The Mother of the top leader in government, one who was head of a university and another who was a minister who could understand the true love movement very well. These ladies helped me in every possible way. Now we have a good headquarters building and a great house. If you receive persecution you will prosper. Following True Parents is a very deep course.

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