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Forward to "A Testimony to God's Word, In Regard to Divine Principle"

Gil Ja Sa Eu
September 11, 2013

As I am writing this book, A Testimony to God's Word in Regard to Divine Principle, in compliance with Father's direction, I will start with an excerpt from Father's Words.

"The Word is the record of the tradition by which Teacher gained total victory over Satan. This tradition must be embedded within our everyday lives for us to bring about the Realm of Liberation for Heaven and Earth. You must spread the Word for which Teacher had to risk his life. Since the Word is the Word from Heaven, Teacher can work the miracle of resurrection centering on the Word even in the spirit world. So the Word is not something that simply flows by us and is gone. It can be compared to Teacher's final testament to his descendants. One day, Teacher will pass away. When he does, he must leave behind the Word. You must realize how rational the Word is, how principled it is, and how it has the power to grasp people's hearts."

"The Word spoken by Teacher is filled with energy, and people are drawn to it. They continue to follow the Word, even when they are told not to. The Word spoken by Teacher is the eternal textbook. Teacher teaches through revelation, so miraculous things happen. Therefore Satan cannot lay his hands on it. We must guide people to read the Principle."

I joined the church in 1955. At that time, there was an incident in which certain students and professors of Ehwa Woman's University and Yeonsei University were harshly persecuted to the point of being expelled from the school or fired. I was among the students expelled from Ehwa Woman's University during this incident.

It was Teacher's [Sun Myung Moon's] Word, his Jeong Seong and his love that made it impossible for me to leave the Unification Church even after finding myself in this difficult situation. The profound and mysterious Word as spoken by Father penetrated into my heart. Moreover, an amazing spiritual power completely captivated me and led me to follow the Word even in the most difficult situation.

We were young then, and the Principle and the Word spoken to us by Father were like nothing else in the world. We could not hope to fully comprehend his teachings. Just as my maternal grandmother used to feed me raw chestnuts as a child by first chewing them herself to make them more tender, Father would explain the Principle and the Word in a way that made it easier for us to digest. Father answered all the questions put to him by naïve and childish students.

Father did not have the time to fully explain the Word in detail to everyone in the world. For this reason, he instructed me to spread his Word throughout the world without holding anything back, just as he had once done for us early members. 

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