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ACLC Monthly Prayer Breakfast - New Jerusalem Community

Dairo Ferrabolli
February 25, 2006

On Saturday, February 25th, bathed in the bright morning sun of the Garden State, the New Jerusalem Community gathered for our ACLC monthly prayer breakfast held in Hopewell Baptist Church, where Rev. Dr. Jason C. Guice is the pastor. Pastors came from all directions to join the already high spirited environment at beautiful Hopewell Baptist Church, which is built as a replica of the original temple in Jerusalem. Until 1969, Hopewell was a Jewish synagogue. In April of 2002 we held the New Jerusalem satellite Blessing there, connected to the 144,000 couples Blessing.

Father's name was proclaimed, ACLC was elevated, family values were preached and all together we uplifted God's Hope for America, our theme for this month. The honorable Charles C. Bell, City Councilman, Central Ward, delivered warm greetings on behalf of Mayor Sharpe James.

The Co-host, Rev. Dr. Jason C. Guice, pastor of Hopewell Baptist Church, and the Host, Rev. Dong Woo Kim, delivered welcoming remarks. The New Jerusalem Choir sang with the beauty of heaven in their voices.

The keynote speaker, Rev. Jesse Edwards, blessed all with an incredible message of hope and peace for America. Pastor Luke Davis, Imam Ameer Salahuddin, and Rev. Dr. Elton T. Byrd all gave positive and enlightened responses to Rev. Jesse Edward's message. The holy wine was celebrated by all participants.

Thanks, Rev. Kim, Rev. Geller, and all brothers and sisters who contributed to the success of this event.

Rev. Dairo Ferrabolli
New Jerusalem Community

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