The Words of the Ferrabolli Family

ACLC Prayer Breakfast

Dairo Ferrabolli
March 25, 2006
New Jersey

On March 25th New Jerusalem Community held the 3rd ACLC Prayer Breakfast of the year.

This time was at the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church where Rev. Dr. Elton T. Byrd is the founder and pastor for over 36 years. Over 100 came to hear Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins, who delivered a convincing message of Godís Hope for America. Many new pastors came to the Prayer breakfast and were inspired to work together and support the activities of ACLC. Rev. Dr. Martin Porter did the reading, sharing the fruits of the spirit from Galatians 5:22-23 and from Fatherís speech Godís Hope for America.

Dr. Elton T. Byrd welcomed everybody in his church as the co-host of the event affirming with powerful conviction the sanctity of marriage and family by reminding everyone about the book Gen 1:27 and Mat.19-5.

Rev. Barry Geller delivered welcoming remarks representing the host Rev. Dong Woo Kim, uplifting everyone to the importance of the body of Christ, being one, and working together for a common good.

Imam Dr. Dawud Assad, Pastor Luke Davis, and Rev. Dr. Elton T. Byrd gave short remarks about Rev. Dr. Jenkins excellent speech. The Holy Wine ceremony was shared with all the participants conducted by Rev. and Mrs. Paige.

Thanks, Rev. Dr. Jenkins, thanks, Rev. Kim, Rev. Geller and all our brothers and sisters who support by coming or by bringing guests.

God Bless
Rev. Dairo Ferrabolli

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