The Words of the Filus Family

Testimony concerning the Israel Trip

Byron Filus
November 22, 2003

From: Rev. Byron Filus
First Church of God
(Founding member of 120 ACLC Clergy)
To: Rev. Hong
Date: November 22, 2003

I'm writing to confirm a dream that I had on Friday morning November 7, 2003 at 5:30 AM.

I saw me and my wife and sister Paulette and five other people. In the dream, they took us and put us on a plane to Israel, to make preparation for Rev. Moon who will come to Israel.

They sent us ahead of him to clean and make the way for him. I saw myself and others starting to clean and preach at the same time telling the people be ready, for the man of God in on his way to Israel. Get ready!! Make the way for him. Because he is the one that Jesus sent to make preparation for his coming. So hurry !! Clean your home and your life and get ready for the man of God. That is all I saw because my I was awakened by my wife getting ready for work.

Everybody pray for Dr. Moon and his wife. God approves of their work.

Thank You.

Rev. Byron Filus
First Church of God

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