The Words of the Filus Family

Testimony from one of the 120 Clergy on the World Tour

Byron Filus
November 5, 2006

.Paris, France - Saturday, November 4, 2006

Testimony from Rev. Byron Filus
First Church of God of Elijah
1400 North East 117th Street, Miami, FL 33161

I had many very personal experiences since the beginning of this fourth world tour, when we arrived in Japan, until today in France. I am writing from the Airport in Paris France on my way to Northern Ireland. I can truly see that this is the work of the living God. Because everywhere we are going, people are really hungry to listen to and hear what we have to say.

I see exactly God working through Father Moon to send us out to reach out to the world. Through the love he showed us, we share this love to all the people that we meet. When I arrived in Japan, people were impressed about what I gave to them. Especially the speech I read to them. A lot of people agreed with it and some tears came out of their eyes, because they were even asking me to stay with them. I told them that nothing is impossible. If it is Godís Will I will come back again.

For me especially, after being connected for ten years with the Family Federation truly I see God moving from and with Rev. and Mrs. Moon, who wrote this speech. One day I sat down in my bed and went over the speech, and tears came out of my eyes, because I found something for me, for my family, and for my church.

I can and want to show this to the world, everywhere that I go. This is why, to me, it is a real honor, a privilege and a real pleasure to be part of this organization. It is truly the work of the Living God. This is why we have to continue to pray for Rev. Moon, so God can reveal even more things to him, so he can share with us, and we can share this to the entire world. I would like to ask Father Moon to continue to pray for us, because we still have so many other places to go, like, for example Africa, South America and Canada. I am willing to go everywhere for Him until the end of December. Thank you very much. May God truly bless the Moon Family.

Rev. Byron Filus

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