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Great Hoon Dok Hae Quotes [Part 2]

Organized by Gelo Fleisher
May 23, 2001

Father proclaimed the messiahship, not to ignorant people, but to people of the top status in the world. We must now teach simply: the Messiah is here; we must follow him to prosper We see that this morning's teaching cannot be rivaled by even 100 scholars. So we can only imagine the painful, miserable experiences Father had in his career. Although we can only imagine, we should imagine it. We are going against Father if we do not proclaim our identity. Consider all the indemnity that was paid throughout history, and compare that to Father's 40 years of suffering and intense pain.

How much easier is it to go the way of God after learning and knowing everything there is to know through Father? We don't have to zigzag; we don't have to fumble or struggle; all we have to do is, with this clear knowledge, follow the way of righteousness, which is God's way. Imagine the past, when God tried to do something centering on some person, and that person didn't know, and God was not allowed to teach him. It was very difficult for God to work through him, and so he failed, and God had to pick up another one, and another one. Look at Father. Father figured out all these things by himself, so he made it extremely easy for God to work

Sun Myung Moon, The Reappearance of the Second Coming and the Completed Testament Era

To some of us, this still may sound conceptual. If it does, you have to repent, because, conceptual as it may seem, Father lives based upon Divine Principle, betting his life with such pain, and moves on to actually accomplish in deed. It is as if we were in Africa, surrounded by countless raw diamonds, everywhere so common and easy to pick up that we see no value in them. Father, however, has an educated mind, and he sees what is a diamond, and he knows what is only glass. That is the analogy; that is the difference between Father and us. Divine Principle: we must begin to know how important it is. Father knows, because he worked for it. We must feel a strong impact this morning concerning the necessity that we understand Divine Principle and how it came to be

Sun Myung Moon, The Reappearance of the Second Coming and the Completed Testament Era

Here is the analogy: Father not only restored the historical failures of humanity, but made the complete foundation intact. It is a good tree, with perfected roots, but the tree has no branches or twigs. The center root, center trunk and center bud all are connected to Father, so all we need to do is create lots of branches and twigs. These form the complete mainstream -- the center root, trunk, branch and center bud. By this analogy, all we need to do is add the branches. This is a perfect tree. Do you follow? Once we connect, then everybody will resurrect. All which was created for tens of thousands of years around the world will in a short time resurrect and be living again

Sun Myung Moon, The Reappearance of the Second Coming and the Completed Testament Era

You don't need God, you don't need. . . (Laughter.) It's true! Liberate God and True Parents. Do you understand? (Yes!) Clear, clear

Sun Myung Moon, The Reappearance of the Second Coming and the Completed Testament Era

Unification begins within each one of us, in the mind and body relationship. Upon Unification faith can come peace, happiness and freedom. American Unificationists should know that. Freedom with mind and body -- with what kind of freedom can we make the foundation of freedom? The mind and body have to unite. The problem is "me." The ideal world is the unification world. You will get freedom and peace in the ideal world. The Unification Church should be teaching that to all people.

Sun Myung Moon, The Reappearance of the Second Coming and the Completed Testament Era

Apart from the heart there is no life. The path of the valley of life is difficult and grim. If you must request a teacher, request the teacher of the heart, not the teacher of knowledge. If you dig into the valley of the heart, the more you dig, the more tears you shed and the more your "self" disappears.

When I stand at the podium, I say a special prayer. Sometimes I do not even have a sermon topic until I am standing at the podium. There are many times when I haven't prepared that I pray after reading the Bible and the topic comes to me. After seeing what? After seeing people. As soon as you see a person, you say "Ah, that one is this type" and you compare that person to yourself. "Oh, when I was like that, I was in such and such a circumstance," and my heart was like such and such. . .

Sun Myung Moon, The Reappearance of the Second Coming and the Completed Testament Era

Why is the year 2000 so important? I was born in 1920 and twenty plus sixty equals eighty. When you add eighty to 1920 what year do you come up with? [the year 2000] This year [1980] I have been battling forward for forty years. These forty years were equivalent to the Exodus of Hebrews from Egypt and their wandering in the wilderness. These forty years I have been working for the dispensation on the global scale. Now this forty-year period is consummated, so what is next? Entering the land of Canaan on the worldwide basis is next. When you look at my testimony, then at the background of history and the work I have fulfilled, then you know that what I told you is correct and based on the truth.

I already mentioned that Satan operates from number three to six. During this period Satan will try his best, but when we do a superior job then during this time we can finish the task. In other words, we can only be persecuted for a maximum of sixty years. We can turn the tide around during this time. You just wait and see. In 1960, when the True Parents were installed, there was only a handful of members in Korea and Japan, a very small number. When they gathered, I spoke about the world future, with visions of the 1980's, 1990's and the year 2000, of the global dispensation and having members in 130 different countries, and of how communism would decline. Then even the members who truly loved me and believed in me 100% would say, "Father is a pretty good liar! That cannot be done. It is impossible that Father could be in America at that time." They really thought inside that I was doing it to comfort the members. But today there's not just a handful of people. We have a worldwide movement, yet when I give you the vision of the year 2000 some of you look skeptical. Would you believe it? You'd better!

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, January 1, 1980, World Mission Center, New York City

Most people do not realize the importance of human responsibility when trying to understand God and the universe. They only try to figure out why God hasnít done something. However, God and man are in a joint venture on this earth. Without the fulfillment of human responsibility, even God cannot fulfill His plan of creation. All of the suffering in the world is because of the failure of humankind to fulfill its responsibility; this is the source of chaos and confusion in society.

Sun Myung Moon

True life can emerge when there is an environment of absolute giving, absolute service and absolute love for others.

Sun Myung Moon, 3-6-77

I have such vision. That is how I am different from others. In other respects there is nothing different. So you cannot be proud of yourself even if you have a good education. Also, you can not be proud of your self even if you are rich. The important thing is how big or how large the emotional personality within your heart is. (141-33)

Sun Myung Moon, The Way for Students

In my daily life when I come across important problems I always pray to God and find a solution. I don't look for an easy solution. (43-33)

Sun Myung Moon, The Way for Students

We must equip ourselves with such subjectivity that no matter how ugly the behavior we may see is, we are not infected by it. We have to be able to guide the people who act like that. In order to do that we have to go through those things. Why?

Because we have to stand in a position transcending the line of committing crimes and sins even if we have to go through circumstances that are like movies or ugly places without being accused. (93-278, 184-247)

Sun Myung Moon, The Way for Students

Father! Today we are historically distant from Jesus. History has distance, but there is no distance in the world of the heart. Let us not become people who believe in the historical Jesus. Let us become people who know and believe in Jesus in our hearts.

September 6, 1959 - Former Church Headquarters, Seoul, Korea

The man must become someone whom the woman can love. You must become a master. Then the sons and daughters will reach twenty years of age and give birth to your grandchildren. And so on. Four generations together would be very good!

Thirteenth Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World, October 3, 2000 Seoul, Korea

You must know you study not for your own well-being but for becoming friends of the people in a miserable condition and for teaching the unlearned, and for liberating them from their shackles and bonds. (33-289)

Sun Myung Moon

Anyone who says, "I am going to be an able man," must study. Why does he have to study? Because he knows the value of that field. (63-214)

Sun Myung Moon

What do you study for? Anyone who studies for the sake of studying is a failure. Your study must be for the world, and your eating meals must be for the world as well. (63-214, 33-209)

Sun Myung Moon

Your study is not for your family or for the Unification Church, but for the world and God. And you have to study harder to save the world and God. (130-321)

Sun Myung Moon

For a man who studies, the future is assured. (98-293)

Sun Myung Moon, The Way for Students

Most children want to play when they see their neighborhood friends. They are really happy. They are even happy to see the village dog. To the children who like to run and play about, you should say, "Hey, you little rascals. Don't do that!" If your children study, shedding tears, they will succeed in life. Who should they study for? Not for themselves. They should study for the country and the world. Do you understand? Is this good or evil? Is it bad? [It is right]

Do you like your mother and father hitting you? [Yes] If the children don't study, the fact that the mother has to say, "Your father and I are sacrificing very much to give you a good education so that you can be happy in the future. Why don't you study? I'll teach you to disobey me!" is because of the fallen history of man. The fact that you and I have to put right this world, is a pledge that you and I have made together. (97-99)

Sun Myung Moon, Raising Children in Godís Will

When he [Hyo Jin Nim] sees me he remembers that the father of his youth and the father today is exactly the same. There is no change but ... When I see this, I feel rather sorry. And there are times when I turn my head away first. You should not live as you please. The universe will chase away that kind of person. Do you think that your children will become successful just by your worrying about them? They won't. You have to raise them giving love as the nourishment. You have to teach them the direction they can go with love. The more they grow up, the older they get, when they find a gold vein, although they thought that the mountain was not much, the more they dig the more they will come to realize that the mountain itself is just one big piece of gold. The more they dig, dig ... Do you think they will stop digging because it is difficult? (139-77)

Sun Myung Moon, Raising Children in Godís Will

What do you study for? The man who studies for the sake of studying is a failure. The man who makes money for the sake of money is a failure. And then the man who has power for the sake of power is also a failure. How beautiful do you imagine they might be if they substituted "love" for their purpose? Then even God would say, "Yes, this is the knowledge I need. This is the money I need, the power I need." Understand? Don't you understand what I mean? How about you? [Yes, we do.]" (129-285)

Sun Myung Moon, The Way for Students

Born as a woman, you grow up, study, and get married just as others, but you must be different from those in the world. It is enough for them to study, but the member of the Unification Church has to fill a dual purpose with study and path-finding for restoration at the same time." (43-252)

Sun Myung Moon, The Way for Students

What is the culminating point of history? It is when everything meets the True Parents. The appearance of the True Parents is the hope of history, the hope of the nation, the hope of all intellectual yearning and the hope of the providence. The time when the True Parents appear is the climax occurring only once in history, never before nor again. From the perspective of eternity, a human lifetime is but one breath.

Sun Myung Moon, Blessing and Ideal Family (Part 1)

The hope of the sons and daughters is to unite with the lost parents, or the parents whom they never met, and once more to receive the love of the parents which they could not receive. Now is that time. This is the most glorious time, for which the children are hoping. The Last Days is not a time when the world is burned down at the order of God and is not the time of judgment, as is believed in Christianity. Rather, it is the time of the appearance of the parents for whom the children had been waiting. It is the time when the heavenly family centered on God's heart appears. It is the time when a society, nation and world centered on heavenly morality are realized. It is also the first time that parents teach these things. Through this education, we can become one with the love of the parents, and we can develop the foundation upon which we become one with the parents horizontally. It is the time of a universal historical transition into a new world. This is the providential view of the Last Days.

Sun Myung Moon, Blessing and Ideal Family (Part 1)

I want to ask you how much you love the Principle. It is something that I have spent my life to find, melting my bone marrow. Even if you were to memorize it hundreds and thousands of times there is no way to pay back for its contents, yet you just put it on a shelf and read a novel instead. Do you get involved in the trivial affairs of the neighboring villages? Do you go around and have a good time? I have not walked such a path. Before heaven, there is nothing that I am doing now that goes against my conscience, and because I am in the position to do such things, I am doing them. Yet, those who are unworthy and immature, can they do their mission only after doing all the things that please them first? Never! You have to understand that you need to be trained and educated. (68-181)

Sun Myung Moon, The Way of the Spiritual Leader

When you consider this, man has something to be proud of. What is it? The supreme pride of man in the world of perfection is to have God as father. To be able to say "God is my father; Almighty God is my father!" is the greatest pride of man. Man's second most supreme source of pride is that he can say "I can possess the love of God; I can monopolize the love of God." And man's third source of pride in the world of perfection is that he can say "I can inherit God's kingdom. I can inherit everything that my father has." Isn't that truly something to be proud of? In our world, people are proud of so many social positions. They say, "You know, my father is a Ph.D.; a doctor at Harvard; a prime minister; I come from the royal family." These positions become a source of great pride. But think of it -- you can say, "My father is God."

Sun Myung Moon, Today In the Light of Dispensational History

However, the place of worship is not important. The spirit is important. So today, we set the tradition of service. The Bible says, we worship God in spirit and truth. If we have only truth, it becomes philosophy. If we have only spirit, it becomes superstition. The true religion is spirit and truth. The spirit of God and the truth of the Divine Principle are the spirit of the service of the Unification Church.

Bo Hi Pak, Truth is My Sword II (St. Stephen)

Here in America, the Fraser subcommittee is a very good example. These are my own words before Fraser's subcommittee: "Jesus came to this earth as the son of God, and the world treated him as the prince of demons." 180 degrees the opposite. "Reverend Moon comes as a prophet of the living God, teaching God's highest moral principle, and now the world is trying to portray him as a man of immorality." 180 degrees the opposite.

Face it. They always use this tactic to discredit the man of God by accusing him of being that which he condemns. History proves it does not work. They could not destroy Jesus with these tactics, so what will it be with Reverend Moon? At one point I shouted out by saying, "Mr. Chairman, you are a liar. You alter this information which you created and you give the lie in the power of the United States Congress. It is the worst character assassination possible. You did this to the man who came to America to do the work of God and save, yes, save, this country from immorality. I cannot help but believe that you are being used as the instrument of the devil. Yes! Instrument of the devil! I said it! Who else would want to destroy the men of God but the devil?"

Bo Hi Pak, Truth is My Sword II (St. Stephen)

This is why Reverend Moon always says, America thinks that if they stop me, the Unification Church will collapse. Oh, they do not know anything about Stephen. They do not know anything about religion. If anybody thinks that by stopping Reverend Moon, they are stopping the movement. Wrong! How ridiculous! Stopping Reverend Moon means raising up millions of Reverend Moons, don't you think so?

Bo Hi Pak, Truth is My Sword II (St. Stephen)

I was walking down an old dirt road one day, out in the countryside, not a building or soul in sight. Suddenly, an old man appeared in front of me off in the distance. He had an old rickety cane and it looked like he was stumbling around as he walked. He looked like he needed help just to stand up, let alone trying to walk somewhere.

So I started to head in his direction, and as I got closer I could tell that he was very old. His clothes were torn, shabby and falling apart. He looked like he didnít know what direction to go in. He was mumbling something, staggering and swaying like some kind of crazy person. But somehow I wasnít afraid of him. I could sense that he was a harmless person, so I got closer to him. I gently put my hand on his arm and asked if he was O.K. He kept muttering some gibberish as if I wasnít there. As I looked more closely at his face, I could see tears streaming down his cheeks, rolling off onto his stained clothes where the tears ran. I couldnít speak. I was overwhelmed by his sadness, yet I couldnít leave this old grandpa out here all by himself.

After some time had passed, I asked him what he was doing out here all by himself. He didnít answer right away, but after realizing that someone was standing next to him, he said, "Iím looking for someone.

I replied, "Who are you looking for?" thinking that perhaps I could help him find whomever it was that he was searching for. He raised his head and gazed deeply into my eyes and again I was shattered by the suffering that I saw there.

Finally he replied, "My children.

So I asked him, "How long have you been out here looking for your children?

He said, "6,000 years.

Hyoong Je W. Erpelding
Holy Ground
Minneapolis MN
July 6, 1999

God will use the religion that inherits the heart of Jesus to build the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth in the final day. Regardless of their pride in their accomplishments, Christians today do not have the same concern that Jesus had for the heart of God. They do not talk about the consummation of God's will or the Kingdom of God here on earth. Great churches with plush carpets do not impress God at all. If there is a man who is not recognized as being Christian but who has the same heart as God and Jesus that man will be used to fulfill God's final dispensation.

Suppose the worst communist dictator, Kim Il Sung of North Korea, suddenly died one day. Even though millions of people would be relieved at his death one man would still shed tears. Even knowing his father was a vicious dictator, the son of Kim Il Sung would grieve at his death. The relationship between father and son is a unique and special one, transcending all reason.

Religions around the world are convinced that God is smiling and happy from morning to night, enjoying His power. I come from the humble nation of Korea and have proclaimed, "God, my Father, is suffering and His heart is broken. I must liberate Him from His suffering." My prayer is that God will give me a chance to do this. That is my position now.

The entire world may call me a heretic, but only the person who understands the heart of God is qualified to be His true child. The responsibility and purpose of the Unification Church is not the pursuit of glory or power but the complete liberation of God, which neither Adam and Eve nor Jesus were able to accomplish. You and I are gathered together to liberate the suffering heart of God.

We may face more criticism and persecution than Jesus did, yet nothing will stop us. We expect opposition, but in spite of opposition we can go over the individual, family, society, national and world peaks of suffering. We will stand on the pinnacle of the suffering of God and go beyond, to the realm of resurrection.

We are looking for the one momentous day when God can declare, "I am free of sorrow. My broken heart has been healed by my loving children." You must have the confidence that you will be the begotten sons and daughters of God, who will inherit the heart of Jesus and go over the pinnacle of the suffering of God and liberate Him. You must feel, "God and I are one; I am in the Father and the Father in me and nothing can separate me from God. Even if the entire world rises against me I will not be stopped.

Our goal is so great that nothing can be compared to its value. Therefore, we shall overcome any power trying to block our way and still continue on. You must have the confidence that you were born solely for this purpose and are destined to live and die for this purpose. Have you ever thought, "If I cannot accomplish this mission in my own lifetime, I will leave a legacy for my children because with God there will be a day of resurrection"? Jesus died without fulfilling his mission in his own lifetime, but that does not mean that Jesus failed. He was resurrected and left a spiritual legacy, which affected all mankind.

Men and women look forward to becoming husbands and wives, the culmination of the horizontal level of life. Jesus, too, looked forward to meeting his own bride. God has been looking forward to meeting His children for the 2,000 years since Jesus was on earth. All of humanity as well has been looking forward to that one momentous day of hope. The Unification Church will celebrate that day. The color of your skin, be it white, yellow, or black, does not matter. Only one thing is important-your heart. This is the central point of our ideology, and if you would become a true member you must deeply understand this. Your goal is simply this, to become God's begotten sons and daughters. After that you shall become God-centered husbands and wives and restore the Garden of Eden, the ideal of God. You are in the position of Adam and Eve and you can begin the new heavenly history. You will create the first history of God.

Sun Myung Moon, The Pinnacle of Suffering

From this perspective, heaven has been leading the dispensation of restoration for all of humankind and the dispensation has continued. Thus, if people cannot understand the situation of God, they will not be able to have any relationship with God. Because of the fall, we carry self-centered ideas that have nothing to do with God. As God's ideas came from God, human ideas came from human wisdom.

Consequently, at some point, if the human ideas that have been governing human history cannot meet with the ideas of God, humans cannot receive an eternal ideal world. The role of religions is to bring the two different ideas together into one. If you do not understand this, you will not be able to transcend a humanistic viewpoint. Humanistic morality, doctrine, and views should return to the heavenly ones. The responsibility of religions is to unify them. Among them, the mission of Christianity is especially critical. Thus, if Christianity cannot fulfill this mission, the eternal ideal of creation centering on Christianity will not be accomplished.

Sun Myung Moon, The Person Who is To Remain Before Godís Will

In the process where harmony is to be created, then higher things must relate well with lower things -- to give way when the time is right, to come forward when the time is right.

Sun Myung Moon, Thirteenth Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World

Man and woman are made in the convex and concave shapes. If the concave and convex elements of man and women fit together do things continue to develop or do they come to an end? If you see them coming together like that -- say your grandfather and grandmother -- how would you feel? If you read the reports of Dr. Lee from the spirit world, when people become one there is so much brightness, glory and stimulation. Who is the king who loves love and who is living on the earth? Isn't it Rev. Moon? Why should he like it more than anyone else? If there is a greater master in front of me, I must become one with him. The greatest human being on earth has to become completely one with all the lower elements as well. If he does not do that, can he continue into the future?

Sun Myung Moon, Thirteenth Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World

The man must become someone whom the woman can love. You must become a master. Then the sons and daughters will reach twenty years of age and give birth to your grandchildren. And so on. Four generations together would be very good!

The lineage has to be connected with the woman, go through the woman for eternity. Without children, it cannot continue forever.

Those who need love raise your hands! If you want love you must have a partner for it to last into the future. Woman has the position of the master. If husband and wife do not have children, then, eternally, they cannot develop a heart of love through loving them.

Sun Myung Moon, Thirteenth Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World

You have to raise your children loving them more than you love yourself. The best way to help your children to grow properly is for the parents to sacrifice themselves for their children and love them more than they love themselves. Because you loved your children more than you loved yourself it is natural that they will inherit your love. Your children grow up and develop through your showing them that you love them more than you love yourself.

In order for a tree to grow it needs to increase its range of give and take action, giving more and receiving more. It is only in this way that it can grow. In the same way, you have to raise your children with a heart and love greater than those, which you have for yourself. And if the parents fulfill their responsibility in this way, the children will come to understand the parents' situation and when they have their own children they will raise them in the same way. And if this happens, then the parents' sadness will be their sadness, the parents' joy will be their joy, the parents' work will be their work, the parents' fulfillment of their responsibility will be their fulfillment of their responsibility.

Then without the parents ordering them they will step forward to help their parents saying that the parents' enemy will be their enemy, the parents' work will be their work, the parents' responsibility will be their responsibility and the parents' circumstances will be their circumstances. Raising up that kind of child is the principle of creation. (29-96)

Sun Myung Moon, Raising Your Children in Godís Will

You might try to form a circular sphere as an individual, family or tribe, but as long as you are separated from this central line you will never be able to reach to the top and will ultimately waste your life. We always have to be connected to the central line. Do you want a straight line in your life or a zigzag line? (Straight line.) In order for you to be able to live a life on a straight line, you need a straight concept. Do you have a straight concept?

Sun Myung Moon, My Lifeís Fate and Destiny

Unification Church Blessed couples have a tendency to focus upon their own families. As long as your family is secure you don't really care about the movement. If your life is based upon this belief, even if your family lasts for thousands of years, eventually you will be destroyed. Because there is no connection to the central line. There is no future for your family if you maintain such a philosophy. Do all the limbs and organs of our body act according to their own individual thinking? Rather they all follow a central direction. What is that central direction? It is the function of the conscience. Our conscience always tries to maintain balance within ourselves. But our body continually tries to take subject position which causes conflict within ourselves.

Sun Myung Moon, My Lifeís Fate and Destiny

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