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Great Hoon Dok Hae Quotes [Part 3]

Organized by Gelo Fleisher
May 23, 2001

After that we need to reclaim all things. The fundraising that the Unification Church does is establishing the condition of God's side reclaiming all things that belong to the satanic world. Because God made all things before creating Adam and Eve, for the re-creation of Adam and Eve you need all things. Thus you must reclaim all things from the satanic world. Moreover, you must repossess the core of them.

We have reclaimed all things from the position where the whole world was persecuting and opposing us. Originally, we were to possess all things on the grounds of true love. When you can say that because you embodied true love you inherited all things, even Satan cannot accuse. Therefore, you must love all things more than Satan loves them.

The tithe is for establishing that condition. As a condition to take back everything for God, tithing came to exist. Nine is three times three; it is nine stages, that is, it represents God's side. Ten means returning to God's side, i.e., taking back from the satanic world.

We must establish the condition that by loving humankind, loving the world, and loving God, we are better than Satan. When we re-create, we need all things.

Without fundraising, you cannot establish the condition that you loved all things, and without having three spiritual children, you can never establish the condition that you have loved the archangel. You must make the condition that you have reached the original position without the fall. We are trying to go to the position at which we can see God on the foundation that we have loved all things and loved the archangel. In this way, we are reestablishing the eight family members who were lost in Adam's family. By realizing this condition, we can finally resurrect centering on God.

Sun Myung Moon, The Conditions Necessary at the Time of Re-Creation

In order to receive the Blessing, the indemnity condition must be set up. If any filthy thing happened in the past, it must be washed clean. However, this cannot be done by yourself. You need help. In order to get the help of a lawyer, you need to confess everything including your internal heart. Then the lawyer can defend you as if he himself were standing in your position. If you do not do that, you cannot receive his help.

I am defending you in the position of a lawyer in front of God. Therefore, you must confess to me all of the secrets that no one knows. You may think that you have worries. You must know it is a thankful thing that Teacher will listen to those stories. In order to receive the Blessing, you must pass through this. Although it became dirty, by erasing with an eraser you can make a clean white paper. Only by completing this condition can the Blessing be received.

Sun Myung Moon, Blessing and Ideal Family (Part 1)

The moment of Blessing is welcomed through countless sufferings establishing the indemnity condition, overcoming the satanic false charges and safety breaking through with faith in the Principle.

Unless you have internally restored three things, your Blessing standard is not acknowledged. God is the center, above is the heart of parents and below is the heart of children, and unless you can reach the heart of husband and wife, your wish for the Blessing is itself against God's Principle.

Those who can say confidently that you are in that position, raise your hands! Nobody in Japan is qualified for the Blessing! Whatever may happen, we always have the problem of indemnity. That is your sacrifice for your resurrection. Therefore, you must make the indemnity condition. You should be saying "thank you" to that.

In order to receive the Blessing, there must be the individual resurrection. You must pray as Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane

Sun Myung Moon, Blessing and Ideal Family (Part 1)

Because the way of restoration is to return back to the origin, unless one makes the indemnity condition, one cannot go back to the origin. The indemnity condition must be made by human beings, not by God. In order for a sick person to be healed, he must take medicine even if it is bitter. Bitter medicine is the real medicine. Making the indemnity condition is like taking bitter medicine; it is difficult work. However, without making the indemnity condition, you cannot be restored.

Fallen people were not born from God-centered parents in the direct blood lineage. Therefore, our birth must be denied, and we must make a new relationship with God. Without going back to the origin, you cannot go to the Blessing position. In other words, because we were born from the fallen dead world, in order to return to life centering on God, we must be resurrected. We need to be born again. But being born is not the conclusion; we then must go through the growth period. In order to pass through that, the indemnity condition must be established. In making the indemnity condition, not only the individual's responsibility but also the national mission and world mission together are included. You must know that what you did concerning this responsibility determines what happens with your Blessing.

Sun Myung Moon, Blessing and Ideal Family (Part 1)

When we say "perfection through indemnity," it means "indemnity for restoration." Centering on perfection, reach perfection through the course of restoration through indemnity. After indemnity, then restoration. After being restored, then go the way of perfection. Therefore, you can think of indemnity and restoration as one.

Sun Myung Moon, Blessing and Ideal Family (Part 1)

Here we have two men, both of whom are very reputable ministers. Please answer this question. Without being completely perfected men and women, do you think it is possible to become True Parents? Are you true men? (Laughter.) Let me ask all of you gentlemen ministers here. Are you true men or not? No, you are not. Each one of you knows that your mind and body are fighting and are not in harmony. You cannot deny this reality. When fighting and struggles are going on, there is no room for God to come and dwell in peace.

Sun Myung Moon, Dated 02/15/94

What is the Unification Church? It means the place of unification of the mind and body and the place of study of the Divine Principle. This teaching instructs clearly how to unify the mind and body, man and woman, parents and children centered upon True Love, True Life and True Lineage.

Sun Myung Moon, Dated 05/05/96

Since man fell from his responsible position, everything has been nullified. Because of man's failure to become one with God, His hope, His problems, and His love must again today become our hope, our problems, our love. We must be concerned. In such a fallen position, mankind has been coming to this point where we have come to desire in our hearts the love, the hope, and the problems of God.

Sun Myung Moon, A True Man -- A man of Truth

We know that You want to spread the new word to the nation through us, but we are anxious that we may fail our responsibilities due to our disloyalty and shortcomings and bring sorrow to You. Father, I earnestly pray that You look at the faults with which we have served Your will and fill them with the power of Your life and love. Bless us so that we can take on any mission and responsibility. There is a myriad of satans in our path. Father, lead us so that our determination remains intact and we become an offering of life before You, enduring until the end without losing to Satan. I sincerely pray that You will guide us to proceed with our initial determination and fight for the sole purpose of revealing Your glory.

Sun Myung Moon, The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain John 8:31-47
Former Headquarters Church
Seoul, Korea
October 12, 1958

Father's title today is, Our Mission During the Time of World Transition. Through the study of history we learn that no matter how big this world may be, things always start from one person. One man can influence the zigzag course of history with the direction he maintains and the ideas he lives by. What are the elements which make the most difference in the direction of a mans life? His way of thinking and his faith. He doesn't know about the future so he has to go by faith. Many times he is torn between the two. Which perspective should he use to maintain his direction? Should he choose a human perspective (thought) or God's perspective (faith)?

Sun Myung Moon, Our Mission During The Time Of World Transition

This is May 1992, and May is the month of dreams. This is true in any year, but it is especially true for us now in 1992. May is the month of dreams. Why is that? It is because this is the month in which every creature rouses itself, gets up and becomes active. They start moving toward their goals and dreams for the future. Every entity-just like each human being-is involved in this quest. Look at the flowers. They have many different colors, shapes and fragrances, but they all show off their blooms. Butterflies, bees and other insects all pursue their favorite flowers according to the color, nectar, and fragrance. All of these little flying creatures have different tastes and appetites, so they pursue different flowers. This variety makes the whole universe abundant with excitement. They all pursue their own goals, but they also work together and ultimately they have the same goals. The universe seems to be growing and heading toward more and more creativity.

Sun Myung Moon, The Dream of the Unification Church

All people should fall into one of the twelve different categories. Each of the twelve different categories will go to its own different month of the year. All sorts of people will rub against each other and smooth their rough edges, so it is not always bad that a big country has big problems. These problems train them, the rough edges make them learn how to live harmoniously. Your character, in other words, becomes more perfect that way. Your love becomes more rounded. So think, "These problems are for me to train myself to realize the big dream of ours, of all mankind for the future." Training comes to us by hardship. So it is my training field. Everything is helping me to become victorious. How wonderful that kind of world is. That kind of wonderful world is waiting for you, with lots of problems welcoming you, in order for you to become more perfect! Otherwise, life would be too monotonous. Imagine if someone's personality is like a flat line. How uncomfortable he would be to live his whole life that way. So he has to learn to become like this. We have so many people who are like hooks. With the slightest encounter, they just won't let you go. There is such a personality in a man and a woman.

Sun Myung Moon, The Dream Of The Unification Church

If you want to jump up high, you first have to crouch down. The same is true in our life. Here on earth, if you always remain in the high places, then you will become arrogant and you will end up in the lowest place in spirit world. But if you live on earth in the suffering, lower places, you will be very humble and you will go to a high place in spirit world. It is the same pattern. This pattern applies even when you walk. Your eyes blink continually, open and close, open and close. When you breathe, you take air in and then you expel the air. The barometric pressure in the atmosphere varies from dense to sparse, so the wind is always in motion. Nothing is still. When the upper body becomes cooler, the lower part heats up. When the upper part of the body becomes warm, the lower part cools off.

Sun Myung Moon, The Dream Of The Unification Church

Given this, we have no way to deny that everything was created by God. Therefore, we must return to the original world of creation, knowing the kind of self, the kind of family, the kind of world which God desires.

Sun Myung Moon, True Family and I

Centered on yourself, your mind and body must meet at one point. Through that point comes the vertical line from God. In your own being, there is a central point of love from God, a line drawn on the horizontal, and one on the vertical level. With those things done, and you at the core, you want to advance straight forward and reach the goal that God has set for you. Your individuality is perfected on that level-when your mind and body are in oneness; and through that point on the horizontal, the vertical line from God comes through, and your mind and body meet there. At that crossing point, from the central point where God is abiding, He wants you to march forward to goodness. Broadening your scope, not only your mind and body tend to become one, but male and female, in the subject and object positions, tend to become one and unite with God on the vertical level. Then a broader foundation of four positions is drawn. With those two put together, all things can be unified.

Sun Myung Moon, 730217

You must bring yourself into a new realm of life in which you love God more intensely than you feeling of any past earthly love. To be acknowledged as a child of God your first love must be given to Him and to the True Parents. The illicit, impure love of the fallen world will not be accepted. You have a lot to forget and to cleanse. As members of the Unification Church you must not think about who you might marry. You will never reach the level of sons an daughters of God with such thinking, but only leave a hook by which Satan can snag you at any time. Your love should be connected to God and to the True Parents, being innocent, genuine and pure like Adam and Eve's before their fall.

Sun Myung Moon, 770206

If this kind of love is not present here, you cannot even talk about the unification of the world because it would never happen. But the most moving beauty of this love for God and the True Parents springs from the fact that it is not just temporary, lasting only one or two years. This love will continue, and become even more intense. Unfortunately there are many who have not even experienced an initial love. Why is that so? They have not committed themselves 100%, lingering instead on the fringe, all the while knowing in their hearts that this is the best way of living the true universal principle. Because they have not quite committed themselves to living and acting for God, their realization of God's love is very shallow.

Sun Myung Moon, 770213

In my previous talk I discussed the existence of God and the relationship of God and man. Looking around us we can all see that an ideal world or united world cannot emerge from what is now existing, from things as they are. All people are longing for the ideal world, a world of peace and unity. However, if we stand still and, stay where we are such a world will not come about. It is not just people of our day who dream of the ideal world. In the past, our ancestors too dreamed of it but were unable to realize that world. I believe this ideal world must come, to mankind. We must make it come to mankind.

Sun Myung Moon, The Ideal World for God and Man

If there were a God of goodness, what would He hope? He could not endlessly work His providence centered on so many religions. In other words, God wanted to reveal one religion on the world stage. Eventually He wanted to reveal one perfect religion which could represent His true Will and bring it about. That was God's hope.

This hope of God is also the hope of humankind. Since the beginning of history people have yearned for the original, normal relationship with God and have striven to realize it. Actually, this has been both the deepest desire and the greatest task of every age, which people have desperately pursued throughout their long history. Only the one unified religious culture which represents God's true Will can save all humankind from sin.

Sun Myung Moon, The Way of Unification

The ultimate goal of the providence of salvation goes beyond the individual; it is to liberate and save the family, tribe, nation and world. Until this is done, God Himself cannot be liberated. When God's perfect goal of the providence for salvation is attained, in other words, when even hell and all the spiritual world are liberated, on that day God will declare the perfection of the ideal, proclaiming, "My will is done! Hallelujah! March forward into My world, under the dominion of My love.

Sun Myung Moon, The Way of Unification

The truth will give you guts. First, you have True Parents. Second, you are the restored elder son and a tribal messiah. Your mission is also to restore kingship. Can Satan oppose you? In the Garden of Eden Satan didn't have True Parents, the elder son's birthright or tribal messiahship or kingship. None of those things existed in the Garden of Eden. Satan commanded everything. Today we have True Parents, restored elder sonship, and kingship. We can go far beyond the level of Satan. In other words, Satan is completely overwhelmed.

Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church National Conference (1990)

I feel so inspired and joyful knowing that I have under one wing the communist world, and under the other wing the free world; and the Unification movement has a worldwide foundation, and the unity of the religious world is now successful. When I think of all these accomplishments, I feel the incredible help and presence of God. For that reason, I feel incredibly uplifted emotionally, joyfully inspired, inside and outside. Thank God, I have done it, and I am bequeathing everything to you. You take it over and run it. You become like Father in everything you do. Practice Father's way, and win the same victory that Father won. You are participating in the historical duty of the True Parents in his own lifetime. You are breathing the same air, drinking the same water, and sweating the same sweat for the sake of Kingdom-building. That is your greatest honor. Are you joyfully, voluntarily participating in this great crusade? (YES!)

Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church National Conference (1990)

We should march forward with the conviction that the world will respond in the near future. Even though the environment is not set up for that, we should be able to proceed. We should go forward with the conviction to found the heavenly nation, raising the victorious flag as the princes and princesses of the battle line. You should know clearly that from now on the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven is the blessed family's mission. Blessed families are to be responsible for God's 6,000-years of hard work and for the suffering of the Lord of Second Coming, and they should bring the earth, humankind and heaven into God's ownership. Because the meaning of the Blessing lies in realizing the ideal of creation, we must be responsible for the pain of history.

Sun Myung Moon, Blessing and Ideal Family II

Human beings have physical purpose and mental purpose. Then, which of these is the greater purpose? Which of these should we accomplish first? The mental purpose should be accomplished first.

Let us assume that there are a small individual purpose and a big individual purpose. Then if one abandons the small one for the sake of pursuing the big purpose, it generates a plus factor. Hence, it benefits the small purpose and it also causes the accomplishment of the big purpose.

Sun Myung Moon, The Way for Students

What does a man expect today? What is the ultimate goal to attain today? It is to be well off. It is to be well off all together. But What do you mean by "being well off'? Since the root is uncertain and the budding of the object is obscure people finally seek peace centering around themselves, to seek happiness centering around themselves and to seek satisfaction centering around themselves. Hence, they succumb to the pitfall of pleasure-seeking.

Sun Myung Moon, The Way for Students

Let the urgent heart yearning for the victory be the only center of our life, so that we will be sufficiently prepared to uphold the flag of the fight and step forward on behalf of the people.

Sun Myung Moon, Jesus is the Hero of the Universal Revolution (11/11/56)

Even today, lonely sons and daughters are spread all over the countryside fighting with Your words. Please be with them. With the spirit that they must prevail over the ultimate enemies of the 6,000- year history, they have built the altar of victory. Based on Your directives, they have been fighting for the day when the Father can rejoice with Your sons and daughters. Father, please be present with them, so that wherever they are, Your personal works of miracles can take place. Father, we fervently desire that You would allow the influence to reach the whole through that kind of environment.

Sun Myung Moon, Jesus is the Hero of the Universal Revolution (11/11/56)

Who am I? I am the condensed body of all my ancestors. My character is connected to all the ancestors. That is why I am a historical being. What is my desire? It is to be a historical person. Thousands of different cells come down into my body through inheritance. I cannot separate from those ancestors. One seed is planted, then the fruit comes and hundreds of thousands of different fruits come, but they come from the same seed. Whatever is the desire of the ancestors is connected to the descendents, so my desire should connect to the ancestors’ desire, and ultimately to Heavenly Father’s desire, which is ultimately to connect to me. Human beings have infinite desire, as does God.

Sun Myung Moon, Lunar New Year 2001

We thank our True Parents for showing that it is worthwhile having a big dream.

Brenda Okada - To Have a Dream

"35: For whoever would save his life will lose it; and whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel's will save it.

36: For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?

37: For what can a man give in return for his life?

38: For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him will the Son of man also be ashamed, when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.

Jesus Christ The Gospel of Mark

How about Rev. Moon? There are now two extremely divided groups. One wants him to stay in America and the other wants him to go. How can this be? If TF opens the door to his home and says, "Come live with me," will you come? Yes. But does TF feel the same way when he looks at you? Is there anyone whom TF would say, "Mansai," and run to live with them? Even TF has to think seriously about where he will live. But what about God? He is even more serious. Now think about your prayers, will God try to listen or plug his ears? That is a serious question about your attitude toward prayer. How many people do you want to accommodate in your prayer?

Sun Myung Moon, "Inyun" and Encounter

I have been bearing the burden of the United States and the entire free world; now I want to transfer it to your shoulders. Are you ready to carry it? Moonies are good at taking things; if someone brings something to you, you will take it. Moonies will do a little good-just a bit- but then claim to have accomplished it all.

You may consider such an attitude ambitious, but it is actually thievery. A thief tries to take everything with little effort. If you closely study such a person, would you call him good or bad? If a group is like that, you would call it bad too. If I am the head of that group, am I automatically a good person or a bad person? When you pursue the question this way, you realize it is a serious issue.

Sun Myung Moon, "I Shall Follow With Gratitude and Obedience

Let's think about what constitutes a real Moonie. Are there many real Moonies? When a person ponders a given task, analyzes it thoroughly, and then-if he thinks it is feasible-slowly sets to work on it, is he a real Moonie? How about someone who responds to a new challenge by resolving to learn it quickly and then carry it out, is he a real Moonie? In your opinion, do religious people usually know what is ahead of them? Does a religious person know what he is going to do in the future? Can he predict his environment? No. A religious person trusts everything to heaven and carries on.

Sun Myung Moon, "I Shall Follow With Gratitude and Obedience

Last but not least, we come to my favorite genre: Science Fiction, and its cousin Fantasy. Opposite the classics, these works have been called "the history of the future." They range as far as the world’s most imaginative writers can take them, embracing all of time and space, and beyond them to "alternate timelines" and "parallel universes." H. G. Wells, Jules Verne and several others were eerily prescient in their depictions of the future-the very technological world we live in today.

Overall, F&SF people are remarkably broad minded. With vividly depicted aliens as their "best buddies," any variety of human seems familiar in comparison!

Unfortunately, most F&SF authors "side with science" in its trumped-up contention with traditional religion. Their tales often marginalize or even ridicule religious characters. In many of their imagined worlds, people have managed to "outgrow" their (supposed) "stuffy Victorian heritage.

There are very special exceptions. Fantasy luminaries C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien were both devout Christians, and that faith, even though unnamed, shines in their works. Their "moral torch" was taken up by several F&SF writers: Madeleine L'Engle and Zenna Henderson, and today by Elizabeth Moon, Stephen Lawhead and a handful of others. (I received direct confirmation of this from one such author.)


True Father says that the Fall, and God’s redemption, are now being played out openly on the world stage. Inevitably, this is affecting the popular culture. The best and the worst are both increasing. In the end, the Principle must emerge as a "final stage." But how?

Japan is often swept by "super fads" of fashion and trendy behavior. Nearly all are trivial; most are forgotten in a few years.

However, such a fad, if based on the Principle, would not be so temporary or meaningless. The same thing could apply, to a greater or lesser extent, in every nation and culture.

We Unificationists have before us a tremendous project: injecting the Principle into the popular culture. Our film makers have tried. Our musicians continue to develop their talent. Our writers, dancers, athletes and others are making great strides.

Currently, in the popular culture, monotheism and morality are rare-and the Principle itself is essentially nonexistent. So far, not one single commercially published novel has any such content.

History tells us that this will not always be the case. Christianity took 400 years to conquer Rome; after only 40 we have a much better foundation. Things will move even faster in the years to come.

Paul Carlson - Unpopular Culture Unification News, Nov, 1998

I'm grateful because I found life and freedom. I'm grateful for the coming of True Parents and victory over Satan. I'm grateful for eternity and the glory that will come to me. The new heaven and earth, the bright garden of Eden is open to us.

These are words of a song from an early Christian group that followed Father, sung by one great grandson of a group member, Rev. Chung Su Won. Father said that we should include it as a holy song.

Rev. Kwak – Early Church History Part I, 1999

Be grateful for everything. The one who is grateful cannot be attacked by Satan. Be grateful to offer your life to Heavenly Father, then you will be taken up from death and be an object of pride.

Sun Myung Moon, Early Church History, Part I

As you resolve your life, with what can you cleanse your life to meet the standard of spirit world? There is Father's standard. Life and death is not a matter of concern. What matters is meeting this standard. That's the criteria. Father has created a fountain of heart to save the world. There is much to inherit there.

Sun Myung Moon, Early Church History, Part I

Think about Heavenly Father and humanity, whatever you eat or drink, do for Heavenly Father and humanity, and think about them. One drop of rain is nothing, but gathered together the drops form the ocean. Then they evaporate and recycle. It is a course of life. If you do not prepare, you will drift away. Then you cannot inherit anything. Whatever you do, do together with God and move God's heart. Live for the sake of others, attain the heart of the parent and Heavenly Father. Then you have a reciprocal base with God. Then you can attain eternal life. You have to seek this and find joy in it.

Sun Myung Moon, Early Church History, Part II

You cannot have enemies. Don't look at an enemy's face, just his clothes. Don't leave a condition of hating or disliking someone. Never be mean to people, even to your enemy. Just be kind, invest and sacrifice. In breathing, there is going up and down. You have to learn to love the thing you least want to do. Take responsibility for the bottom, that is the best way to reach God. That is the preparation to meet God. No matter how great you are, if you haven't prepared, you will fade away. I hope and request that you can attend God as your way of life, and that God can be devoted to your love. Sons and daughters of Heaven have this path.

Sun Myung Moon, Early Church History, Part II

4: "I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

5: But I will warn you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, fear him!

6: Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God.

7: Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.

8: "And I tell you, every one who acknowledges me before men, the Son of man also will acknowledge before the angels of God;

9: but he who denies me before men will be denied before the angels of God.

10: And every one who speaks a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.

11: And when they bring you before the synagogues and the rulers and the authorities, do not be anxious how or what you are to answer or what you are to say;

12: for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say."

Jesus Christ, The Gospel to Luke

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