The Words of the Fleisher Family

Great Hoon Dok Hae Quotes [Part 4]

Organized by Gelo Fleisher
May 23, 2001

47: And that servant who knew his master's will, but did not make ready or act according to his will, shall receive a severe beating.

48: But he who did not know, and did what deserved a beating, shall receive a light beating. Every one to whom much is given, of him will much be required; and of him to whom men commit much they will demand the more.

Jesus Christ, The Gospel to Luke

As we said, the title today is, Completion of the Responsibilities of True Parents. We must know that whatever God wants to uphold, Satan wants to destroy. That is what the Fall is all about. The Fall destroyed what was most precious to God. Beginning with the family, extending to the country and going out to the cosmos, Satan destroyed God's domain. When the end times come, and as man has the potential to come back to God, the worst things will appear and go against what God desires. Those bad things will not last forever and ever. Actually, that's near destruction, then they will be destroyed.

Sun Myung Moon, Completion of the Responsibilities of True Parents

By the same token, in the churches, God would like to be able to lean on His own people, but how many people welcome being leaned on by God? Most people would let God lean on them only if God was bringing them some blessing; in other words out of selfish thinking, not out of love for God. Do you think that someone can be prepared for God to lean on him by attending a forty-minute church service once a week, listening to a brief sermon? Does the minister reading the Bible truly understand the Bible? No, he is just reading it. Are those people who say, "I am a good Christian," really great Christians? They may be proud to call themselves Catholic, Protestant and so forth, but they have nothing to be proud of. God is even rejected in the true sense by Christians, so how can God visit the Christian churches and expect something?

Sun Myung Moon, Completion of the Responsibilities of True Parents

Perhaps this is more of a justification for myself and what I'm doing, so that I feel right with God in the church, but I could say this: Everyone who goes to the Seminary has an opportunity to gain a sense of their talents. And one question we can ask is how can I accomplish something for God with a talent or ability I have, or want to learn? If I follow that, then I have to take responsibility to succeed and offer it back to the Church. If I follow that, then I have to take responsibility to succeed and offer it back to the Church. If I don't succeed, then the Church can rightfully say you wasted your time. But that's what taking responsibility is about. If one does not feel a calling in a certain area, it's probably wise to do what the Church is asking you to do. Both of these are better than just surviving, though I know just surviving in cases can be full time. Nearly all Church members got started late in life, having kids usually before we had jobs or career paths. I must say I'm blessed with the best of all possible worlds in the Church. I have the time and connections to do these projects. So I had better make something of it.

Larry Witham, The First Unificationist Novelist

According to the principles of creation, man is to enter the Kingdom of Heaven after he lives the life of the Kingdom of God on Earth. We live the Kingdom life on Earth through establishing the unity of mind and body, the unity of husband and wife and the unity of children. By inheriting Godís lineage, we were supposed to connect this directly to the spirit world. How?

The very moment a true bridegroom makes love with his true bride for the first time is the moment that the perfection of husband and wife is achieved. The palace of love on Earth, that is the center of Heaven and Earth, begins in that first moment of making love. Through this love, the original place (palace?) of love is created for the first time. The life and blood lineage of humankind begin from that point of love. From the same point, a nation is born. The veritable Kingdom of God in Heaven and on Earth too begins with the opening of that door of first love.

When a man and a woman become one through love and create children, they substantiate the invisible God in visible form. Love is the power that can combine and commingle blood. Then what is the axis for this mixing of blood? It is the place in which the love organs of husband and wife meet and make the first love. That is a power station, the very plant for the generation of the power of true love, the power of true life, the power of true lineage, the power for the Kingdom of God on Earth through the true family, and the power for the Kingdom of God in Heaven. Thus, the wedding of Adam and Eve, who were in the position of Godís substantial object partners, would have been Godís wedding. They would have brought Godís liberation and freedom, and God Himself would have sung and danced.

Knowing this should fill us with awe and terror over the holiness of the first love. When the first love is corrupted, we destroy the palace of love, the palace of life, the palace of lineage and everything that was to have blossomed forth. This is the dreadful reality of the Fall. Through it we lost the Kingdom of God in Heaven and on Earth. Heaven and Earth turned into Hell. Throughout history, manís love organ has symbolized the worst of slander and curses, because it destroyed Heaven and Earth. Godís ideal of love was to have settled perfectly beginning at the place of first love, through the marriage of the manís love organ and the womanís love organ. That point, centering on man-woman love, establishes the perfected object partner of God. That point is the nucleus of the universe. If the axis connecting God with the love organs of man and woman is broken, the entire universe shatters.

Since the marriage of man and woman is the original spring of love, it becomes the original palace of love, the original palace of life and the original palace of lineage. Our longing for freedom and happiness springs from there. Whatís more, all individuals, families, tribes and peoples originate there. The foundation for peace and the Kingdom of God in Heaven and on Earth take root in love. Through the union the love organs, man and woman are blended completely. This love relationship produces the fruit of good or of evil. We must comprehend the infinite value of our love organs. The way of Heaven teaches us that whether we are a man or a woman, we must never misuse them.

Sun Myung Moon, The Kingdom of Heaven: Who Will Enter It, and How Will They Get There?

I urge you to study about the spirit world with greater eagerness and to receive the God-centered blessing so that you can build a true family. I also encourage you to prepare for your eternal life through living unselfishly. The time has come that people who work hard will feel the hand of Heavenly fortune, with which the limited power of human beings cannot compare. Those who live the life of a filial child, a patriot, a saint and a divine son or daughter before the living God, with a humble and self-effacing attitude, are the most fortunate. At the advent of the era of Godís Kingship, I pray that you will promote Godís Kingship. May we work in partnership to build the world of heart and culture transcending nations.

May Godís Blessing be with you always!

Sun Myung Moon, The Kingdom of Heaven: Who Will Enter It, and How Will They Get There?

We come to the conclusion that if God exists, He must be the starting point of all things from which all other things began and developed. When you pursue an understanding of spirit world, you plunge into a limitless area. But when you confine yourself to the material world, your universe is very narrow. Human beings are not just material; we are also spiritual, and the spirit always goes beyond the material. When we limit ourselves to the material we become a trivial person, but when we consider ourselves as a spiritual being, then our human potential becomes limitless.

Sun Myung Moon, The Historically Highest Career

If someone asks, "What is the purpose of your life?,' how will you answer them now? You were born for the purpose of the fulfillment of love. Once we understand the purpose of God's creation, then we can talk about the purpose of our own lives. That is the second most important question one can ask, after the purpose of creation. We know that the purpose of our lives is the perfection and fulfillment of our love. Why should we fulfill love? By fulfilling love, you come to possess all things.

Sun Myung Moon, The Historically Highest Career

In Japan, some parents do not let their children wear long pants even in the winter; they only wear short pants. Why did this kind of custom come into practice? Is it because Japanese parents don't love their children? I don't think so. In this light, let's examine the Unification Church tradition for raising children. How can we mature our children? Do we have to keep them protected in greenhouses? Some of our blessed children don't want or don't know how to have relationships with people in the outside world. It is as if they are shouting under a blanket while isolated at home. They are frightened of this society. They do not want to go outside our church, so we have to push them out into this society; out from our UC greenhouses.

Dear brothers and sisters, are you really proud that you are a "Moonie," or are you ashamed of your relationship to our church? We have to talk about this subject frankly and openly. If you have a shameful mind, please reexamine your original commitment for joining this movement and the benefits you've gained by being part of this UC family. If you cannot develop a sense of pride, then it is my sincere suggestion to you leave our church. It will be better for you and for the movement.

If you stay in our church with a shameful mind, it brings spiritually unhealthy results. You are just wasting your precious time. Instead, please go and dedicate yourself to help build a better society. That would be more productive for both you and for our church. Staying in our church without sincerity and confidence, and without living the Divine Principle, is harmful for you. Moreover, this attitude affects other members like a contagious infection.

Young members can easily criticize and evaluate the results of the first generation; but they may criticize without ever having had the experience to love their own brothers and sisters, or without crying for this suffering world. We should not criticize ourselves. No one should criticize or publicly evaluate another person in our church; only True Parents can do this. We know that criticism brings more criticism; but love also generates more love.

Now it is the time to actualize a true love movement. Yet, without loving our brothers and sisters, we are trying to witness to other people. What vanity! Without loving our children, we are trying to save this world. How stupid we are! We were looking outside for some treasure, but it was right before our eyes. The family is where the Kingdom of God is. We have to realize the precious value of each brother and sister. If there is no love between members in our church, even if we have had good witnessing results, new members will soon leave. This is like trying to grab water with open fingers.

When we love each other, we can share everything with others. Sharing our joy, gives joy to others. We can even share our suffering; in this, our burden is lightened and we grow closer together.

Living the way of Divine Principle should liberate us. However, some of our members think that after joining our church they have only heavy burdens and many responsibilities. We have to find joy by living according to the Divine Principle. This means joy that comes from living for others. Without this kind of experience, we can never be liberated from a defeatist attitude which creates a heavy spirit.

Try to witness to a single person by the end of this year. That will be liberating for you. I guarantee it. Witnessing is a very exciting thing; it is not difficult. By having one successful witnessing model, we can be freed from Satanic power. Definitely! This will bring you untold joy. And if you successfully witness one person, why not multiply this to ten or even hundreds of people? We have to feel conviction for Divine Principle. In the past our efforts have been only to fight against communist countries. But now we must challenge democratic countries too.

Sung Am Moon, Plea to Young American Moonies

If somebody knows the solution to a problem, then automatically they have the responsibility to save people. You are young Moonies. Do not work only for the sake of yourselves. Secular people are dying. If we don't help them, we too will be dying. In other words, we can only build the Kingdom of Heaven together. We have no choice but to save them. We have no choice but to try to save this country and world.

Sung Am Moon, Plea to Young American Moonies

What then is the essence that can fill God's heart? Even if we were to fill God's heart with all the political power, money, and knowledge, still He would feel empty. If we were to also fill the chests of Adam and Eve with money, power and knowledge and then place the two of them inside of God's chest, still God would feel empty. But when Adam and Eve are filled with love and become completely one and enter into God's chest, then God will feel absolutely content. We are unable to see love, yet when Adam and Eve become the manifestation of True Love, unite into one, and come into God's chest, then God will feel love within Himself.

Sun Myung Moon, Godís Chest and Our Chest

The problem doesn't exist within God Himself, but rather the problem is with men and women who have created human history all of these years. It is a battle between mind and body -- that is the problem. The problem is not America which has all kinds of social problems. Nor is it the problem of the world which is not in total oneness. Rather, the fundamental problem is the battle between the mind and body of individuals. Where can we find unification? No matter where you may seek for unification outside of yourself you cannot find it. The fundamental solution should come from within your mind and body relationship.

Sun Myung Moon, Godís Chest and Our Chest

If we study air pressure, no matter how proud of itself a certain low air pressure may be, as soon as the high air pressure appears, then the low pressure will be immediately absorbed. This is a natural law to create balance. Water flows from the higher place to the lower in order to make a balance. If there is such an atmosphere of thick air or air that is too thin, then plants would not survive. If we observe the characteristics of air and water, we see that where there is any crack or space they always flow in. They do so in order to create a balance. Also three-fourths of our body is made up of water. Is love like water and air, constantly flowing in order to create balance or does it stagnate? (Flowing) Always flowing. It fills up the lower place first. This means the less fortunate will receive it first. Then we know to where God's love will flow.

Sun Myung Moon, Godís Chest and Our Chest

Usually the grip of woman is not that strong. But as soon as she finds her ideal spouse then her grip becomes like a tiger's paw. Love is the original power source for everything that we do. If you meet your spouse for the first time, do you feel that the heart in your chest is full or do you feel that it needs something more? That particular moment is when you have everything you need. When you hug your spouse there shouldn't be room for anything else, not even air. Is that true? (Yes) That is the state of complete unification. When unification between your mind and body exists then True Love comes in automatically. Do you want to have True Love? Remember, when your mind and body become totally one True Love begins.

Sun Myung Moon, Godís Chest and Our Chest

With what can we fill God's chest? True Love. With what shall we fill our chest? (True Love) Just like God, we need True Love. When it comes to the concept of True Love, does it exist only in this world or for eternity? (Eternity) Without True Love we cannot connect ourselves with God, because God is the owner of True Love and True Love is the bridge between ourselves and God. God is the core of True Love. No matter how proud humanity may be of themselves, without True Love they cannot make a partnership with God. Unification Church members understand this principle, don't you? (Yes) God has been investing and forgetting always. A true husband is one who invests for the sake of his wife, invests and forgets his investment. The same concept applies to True Parents, true children, patriots, holy sons and daughters. This is the kind of life that will lead you to the Kingdom of Heaven both here and in the spiritual world.

Sun Myung Moon, Godís Chest and Our Chest

Marriage can be said to be a ceremony which allows you to open the door of a palace of happiness and enter into it. Therefore, marriage is the biggest event for humankind. Love transcends time and space and it is the greatest thing for humankind. Marriage is a ceremony that reveals and confirms this greatest love.

Sun Myung Moon, Blessing and Ideal Family (Part 1)

When you have a chest full of True Love then wherever you go, every organ will be happy. If you live like this, then all of the bacteria which causes disease and sickness support you rather than cause you trouble. When you live your life with excitement, joy and happiness, God will be with you and nothing can destroy you with disease. If you live your life for the sake of others in this wicked world, everyone will exploit you. Seeing this, people think they should not live such a life. But if you genuinely continue to dedicate your life for the sake of others for ten or fifteen years, then your neighborhood will come to respect you. Even the worst kind of people will eventually bow down to you because of your quality of life. Do you agree? (Yes)

Sun Myung Moon, Godís Chest and Our Chest

Of course, it is important for one to live well and to accomplish one's own work. Above all one has to practice filial piety toward the vertical heavenly Parents. One has to practice patriotism toward the vertical heavenly Parents. One has to practice royalty toward the vertical heavenly Parents. One has to do one's best more than a Saint's toward the vertical heavenly Parents. For this essential purpose we are born. To meet such a person God created man. There is such purpose there.

Sun Myung Moon, The Way for Students

39: You search the scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness to me;

40: yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life.

41: I do not receive glory from men.

42: But I know that you have not the love of God within you.

43: I have come in my Father's name, and you do not receive me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive.

44: How can you believe, who receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?

45: Do not think that I shall accuse you to the Father; it is Moses who accuses you, on whom you set your hope.

46: If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote of me.

47: But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe my words?

Jesus Christ, The Gospel According to John

Have you ever thought about what would make God happy? He might enjoy the variety of beautiful scenery from nature, or the wild animals, or the complexity of the microscopic world. Perhaps part of God's enjoyment comes from the variety He sees, but what if He were to view everything with glasses of love? His creation is already beautiful, but seen with love each entity becomes magnificent. In love even the smallest thing is exciting, but without love nothing is very thrilling. If there is laughter there as well as love, it will be multidimensional laughter.

Sun Myung Moon, Individual Course of Life

When we remove the element of love from all goings on, can we say that anything is ideal? What can we say is happiness and the ideal? The ideal and happiness will fill anything to overflowing that they are put in. Here is one concrete example-if you are hungry and eat enough to be only half-full, are you happy? But if you eat to complete fullness then you have no more urge to eat and you feel happy. If you are going to fill something completely, what would you fill it with? If something is completely filled with power, you might be afraid the container would break, so power cannot be the source of happiness. Perhaps the container could be filled with much material, but would it be happy? What would everyone like to be filled with in order to be truly happy? True love. But can true love fill everything?

Women's hands are small and beautiful but they can scratch sometimes. Sometimes in a wrong mood their small mouths just won't budge. Sometimes their eyes are terrible, like the eyes of a snake. Sometimes those pretty ears are plugged up and won't listen. Even when there is utmost urgency, those feet sometimes won't budge. Sometimes wealth and power is offered to a woman, and sometimes knowledge, but she is still going here and there, up and down. But if someone could offer to fill her with true love, at that moment she would forget everything and just melt.

Does a person who is in love stiffen up, or relax? Even the coldest looking person will open up the door of his heart to love. All his actions will be unified and focused by love. How fast could love travel? Love has to be the speediest, greatest thing on earth, and when two loves collide they will explode like an atomic bomb. Will two individuals who are in love remain passive after the explosion? No, they will be totally harmonized. What could bring all people into unified action? Nothing we can find could do this except love.

Sun Myung Moon, Individual Course of Life

If you are sorrowful and someone comes to comfort you, will your sorrow automatically go away? You have heard the fable about the ant and the grasshopper, in which the ant worked hard during the summer while the grasshopper enjoyed idle time. Could the grasshopper understand the ant's experience? The ant worked so hard that his waist became as thin as a thread, and he was exhausted with fatigue. Could the grasshopper comfort the ant if he never had experienced hardship himself? But the father of the ant could understand how the ant felt because the father had worked even harder than his son.

This analogy applies to man and God. God has worked hard, like the ant, while man has been like the grasshopper. In America people eat, drink, and disco. It's a grasshopper's life. How could such people say they understand God's suffering? Would God be comforted by them? The only way truly to comfort God is to work harder than God and understand what He has experienced. Then God might be comforted by you.

Sun Myung Moon, The Stony Path of Death

Once I leave America I cannot guarantee your future. Even the National Messiahs in the Pantanal told me that without me, they are helpless. That is not a good testimony. Does that mean that once I leave the physical world, the leaders under my banner will be farther away from this movement or closer? What is your answer? They will become further away. How can I make sure those key leaders will remain close enough to the movement after I am gone? The best and only way is to give them the truth, the words they can study in order to find me in the words, the words given to find me and the nation. As a child, we have responsibility to add more to find the nation I have been seeking. Generation after generation, the descendents will follow the tradition of their grandparents, and they will bring it to a greater level. Not just by looking at our portrait, but by digging into my words. Those families, those people, will feel the responsibility to do so.

Sun Myung Moon, Arrival at East Garden (`01)

Can you independently support me, or do you expect help from me? Should you offer help or receive help? (Offer.) Why? For the sake of Godís kingship, not for my sake. We have to make a victorious foundation on the cosmic level, not just the family level. I have climbed at an angle of 90 degrees, and your path is flat. As you take steps on the family level, more hope will appear. Do you know it? [Yes!] Your mission is to make results. In that light, you should feel ashamed without results. Without results, you will have to sell your inheritance and you will go down the drain. Who is going to take responsibility for the land I have purchased? Do you think I asked God for money and whether to buy this land? My prayer was more ardent than that, and that is why God provided it.

If there is an American determined to protect and care for that land with his life, until we achieve sovereignty, that is good. It is now the elder sonís responsibility to develop it and keep the land intact. Do you expect me to stay and die here in America, or in my homeland? (Homeland.) Yes, homeland, the land God blessed. Like Moses, like Jesus, they all went back to their homeland. Many True Children were born in America. I wonder how many want to remain here. America, and even Japan and Korea, have been my enemy. Which of the three should I forgive first? (Korea.) Yes, Korea.

Sun Myung Moon, Arrival at East Garden (`01)

Unless we can overcome sexual, physical desire, we cannot be connected to God. In other words, we need God's help. Otherwise, we will fail. Sexual desire is so strong. That is how we were created. What do we need to overcome this? We need the truth, knowing that the human fall turned history upside down 180 degrees. Then we can force ourselves to overcome physical desire. Our mistake was that God has lamented for thousands of years and thousands of people were killed.

Sun Myung Moon, Purity, Lineage and the Love Organ (of Life)

If you go to a restaurant with ten of your friends, maybe the best restaurant, you should try your best to find the most humble seat out of ten. That is a 180-degree different position (from the usual attitude). If you eat all together, will your fork go to the most favorite food? Just do the opposite. Take the dish no one cares about. If you eat the worst dish, you still have a chance to eat the most delicious dish. Out of 100 people while everyone else is eating the most delicious food, you become the last to eat it and you eat the most humble food. If they see you doing that, then you will be served as the leader and will have the opportunity to eat delicious food.

When you sleep, take the most uncomfortable corner, rather than the most comfortable. In other words, give yourself for the sake of others. If you live such a life every day, that becomes your life. Your head naturally goes that way and forces you to go that way, exactly the opposite of bodily desire.

Sun Myung Moon, Purity, Lineage and the Love Organ (of Life)

Isn't it an admirable goal to say, "I want to become a person who can give and serve and love, on a daily basis?" Yet, how many of your friends have that goal, think like that, or ever talk about living that way? If we don't lock on to that target, becoming a person of true love will be a long shot at best. It's just too easy to be selfish.

Mother Teresa once said, "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile."

Abstinence Because of Love

God is watching over you and God has concern and interest in you, every second of every hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, because you are of such value. You should never forget that. When you get up in the morning, you should feel pride that you are a son or daughter of God, that you were born from the lineage that God established through the blessing of the first generation. Itís not enough to have a beautiful or handsome face in order to be a wonderful member of the second generation. Itís not enough to have good grades and get into an Ivy League university. The most important thing is that you understand that you are a true son or daughter of God who has inherited the lineage from the blessing of your parents in the first generation.

Chang Shik Yang, Blessing and Responsibility

Sometimes you start to think more pragmatically, looking for easier ways to dodge difficulty. You might look at it another way, thinking that a little while later you will try to achieve the ultimate goal, but for now you will just do anything you want to do. I thought about those shortcuts a long time ago and I came to the conclusion that there is no easy way out. We must each think, "I was born for the public purpose, so I am going to walk the public path every inch of the way."

Sun Myung Moon, Public Life

Is the air you breathe your own possession? Does the sunlight belong to you, or the food you eat? Even your sexual parts came from nature. Nothing really belongs to you; you are only a custodian of these things while they are on loan to you. From the very moment that you were born, nothing was yours. As you grew you became more and more indebted to your parents. to nature, your society, your nation, and so forth.

Sun Myung Moon, Public Life

We must realize the distressed heart of God, who was calling for Adam and Eve after the fall. This was the heart of the Father who felt indescribably heartbroken when He saw that Adam had entered the forbidden place and fallen. When we grab onto that heart and mourn with the same heart, God can continue again in His dispensation of restoration toward people on the earth. You must never forget that God has been calling out to you by setting up countless prophets and saints throughout the course of history until now.

The voice calling out to fallen Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is still heard today. After the fall, for 1,600 long years of history, God called for Adam with the same ardent heart. Clinging to the one person, Noah, who could remain loyal to Heaven, He was finally able to call out, "Noah! Noah!" You must learn to listen to this historical voice.

Sun Myung Moon, Heaven is Calling Us

God called Noah in order to be liberated from the bitter heart, which was broken when Adam and Eve fell. However, was there anyone who fathomed the heart of the Father? There was no one on earth who knew that God worried for 120 years after calling Noah for the sake of the one day when the grief would be removed. If there are those among you who have experienced the heart of God that grieved after losing Adam and Eve, then you will not be able to relate to God without shedding tears.

Adam should have remained in the position of the blessing. If there is someone on the earth who feels the mourning heart of God at the time that Adam was chased out from the bosom of God, then he must repent before God on behalf of Adam.

The sorrow of Heaven began from the fall of Adam. God felt a deep bitterness because of this. He is pleading and appealing to you out of grief, even at this moment. If we understand this fact, then we will not feel satisfied, even if we cry and mourn until our bones, flesh, mind and body are deeply pierced.

Sun Myung Moon, Heaven is Calling Us

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