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Great Hoon Dok Hae Quotes [Part 5]

Organized by Gelo Fleisher
May 23, 2001

Among the prophets and saints who came in the course of history, among the ancestors who stepped forward on behalf of God, there is none who shed tears of sorrow. Those who represented God did not avoid the path of suffering. This was what Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did. This was true for them as individuals, and it was true even for Moses, who represented the people. It was true also for Jesus, who came on behalf of the world, the Savior of all people.

Today we must mourn to the same degree that God mourns. When God feels highly indignant, we must simultaneously feel indignant.

Adam and Eve forgot God. After abandoning God, they tried to seek joy centered only on themselves. This has been left behind during history as a condition of sadness. This mournful earth was created from the selfish actions of Adam and Eve, who betrayed the will of God and neglected the heavenly principles. The sorrow of God began when humankind neglected the sorrow and indignation of Heaven and sought satisfaction and comfort for themselves. Therefore, we must become the fruit of the tears, shed by the prophets and saints who came during the course of history.

We must become the representative of Heaven who suffers hardships and agony. Coming to know about the sorrow, grudges and distress of Heaven, we must battle with evil. While doing so, we must fulfill our mission of supporting the Father, Jesus, the historical prophets and saints, and comforting Heaven. The Father must be looking for this kind of person. All of our ancestors, who have lived on the earth, also have been seeking this kind of person.

Sun Myung Moon, Heaven is Calling Us

History shall be the real judge of what happens today and in the next several weeks. Regardless of what is happening at the present moment, the time will come when a more publicly-minded group of Americans will praise and honor Reverend Moon for what he has been doing. No matter what, we are walking the road of victory every day. We must be strong and bold, because we have nothing to be ashamed of.

Sun Myung Moon, Public Life

Originally, man and woman have the nature to unite centered on God's love. God's love is unlimited. God's love powers all life on earth. If this love were inside all people, the world would be filled with holy people.

Sun Myung Moon, Blessing and Ideal Family (Part 1)

Omniscient and almighty God created a time during which man and woman can blossom beautifully. That time is young adulthood. To these newly matured men and women God gave the blessing of marriage as a gate to gain happiness. Everything in this world loses the value of its existence if it does not engage in an ideal reciprocal relationship. Therefore, it is a very natural development for man and woman to receive the Blessing and get married after growing and becoming mature.

You will be in trouble if you try to rush the experience of love. The feeling of being intoxicated by love and becoming happy is like a preview of what is to come when the time is right for the gate of love to open. But you should wait until the time the gate opens to enter. The gate should proudly open when you have become the master of love.

When do you think is the right age to get married? When your mind and body have the most perfected power is the precise time to get married. Your power weakens when this time passes, and then no matter how much you try to maintain your naivete, it becomes difficult to seek a partner.

Sun Myung Moon, Blessing and Ideal Family (Part 1)

When it comes to moral lessons and learning about God, it is experience and not abstraction that teaches us the real way. Experience is the source that leads us to true knowledge. Reason stands in the subordinate position. True love, true life and true lineage should not be an abstraction but a substantial reality that we experience on a daily basis. We manifest true love not by thinking about it, but by practicing it on a daily basis as a son, husband and father. This is how we get the substantial knowledge of True Love.

Hyun Jin Moon, World CARP Convention, Closing Address

The various spiritual groups were prepared for the purpose of helping the Unification Church, so their foundation had to be connected to me ultimately. Even if they refused to follow, if their spiritual mission could be brought to Unification Church, the Church could physically act in their place. Their spiritual fruit could be planted in Unification Church, which then could act in their place. Thus, the Unification Church could be connected to the Christian tradition. For that reason I sent people to tell them that the two groups must come into unity. First I tried to persuade them that all Christians must unite, and that then the country must rise. In other words, they must unite for the sake of the country, to bring it to live in sight of God.

Sun Myung Moon, Thinking Back Historically

Some say Rev. Moon is great. He is only half a human being. (my understanding being without Mother)... Man and woman have separate organs, man like convex and woman like concave. Why? God wants to put together and make a whole human. Some may say, how can you talk about convex and concave love organ? This means you have a long way to go...

Sun Myung Moon, Remarks from 50-City Tour Speech in Chicago

What do I have that causes people to love me? The answer is simple: I have always been trying to love the truth and to love everyone and everything. Look around and you will see many Americans who are more handsome than I am, who are more knowledgeable, more popular, and more famous than I. In the worldly sense, I am not very popular. So then why did you drop all the pleasures of the outside world and come to the Unification Church and go through this difficult life? Why do you always want to come and see me?

When you look at me from a horizontal point of view, there is not much to differentiate me from the average person. I have a physical body and everything that everyone else has. But why are people crazy about me? That's a real mystery. But that phenomenon is reality, so it cannot be denied. Americans think, "Rev. Moon is a strange one. He has some strange power.

When a man and woman are in love with each other, there is a power that causes them to cling together, regardless of how they may look. One or the other or both may be tremendously fat or unattractive, but no matter how huge that woman may be, or no matter how unattractive that man may be, there is some strange and mysterious power keeping them together. That is love power. It's the same in the relationship between me and the Unification Church members. Regardless of where I go around the world, all Unification Church members follow my footsteps everywhere. Other people may not be able to figure it out, but there is a mysterious power there. What is it? It is the power of love and truth, which can penetrate all the way to the universal level.

Sun Myung Moon, Isolation and Liberation

All foundation was destroyed - when that happened, it was very difficult to restore. Even without God's help I had to stand for 40 years, had to fulfill many different roles - as a father, as a husband, etc. I felt I was drowning. But I had to restore everything in one generation. Many people opposed me. Even Christianity was used by Satan. Had to climb many mountains. Had to resolve many problems on my own. Had to bring success.

Understand meaning of living sacrifice. Not only for temporary purpose. A very special condition people must fulfill. Jesus could not go over the Roman Empire. Died at the age of 33 years. In seven years everything can be over. Proclaimed Coronation of Kingship - so important. Last area we should go over. Take responsibility, that is the problem.

Sun Myung Moon, East Garden Speech (April 18th)

Something very historical. Listen to the speech during Coronation Ceremony and the prayers. Turning point - most serious time. Need to be serious about Hoon Dok Hae. From now on American members have to have mission. We should become filial child of God, patriot to our nation, that is our duty. I had to fulfill in one generation - I could not think of eating and drinking. Have to go beyond your limitations - you have not done that yet. If you cannot love your grandchildren there is no blood lineage. You have to have God-centered view.

Sometimes I thought I would get crazy - that's how I indemnified.

One generation clean up. One generation completion. Restore your hometown.

Sun Myung Moon, East Garden Speech (April 18th)

Who is Lord of Second Advent? True Parents. True Parents bring true love and true blood lineage. False parents have fallen love and lineage. In the original world, the family should be formed centering on God. To achieve the fatally [?] of the sons and daughters, true blood lineage should be connected. To become children of True Parents, blood lineage should be connected to True Parents. Parent and child relationship is impossible without blood lineage. Even God cannot separate it. Fallen Satan cannot separate it. We should be engrafted to the blood lineage of God, the original standard.

Sun Myung Moon, The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship

19: For one is approved if, mindful of God, he endures pain while suffering unjustly.

20: For what credit is it, if when you do wrong and are beaten for it you take it patiently? But if when you do right and suffer for it you take it patiently, you have God's approval.

21: For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.

22: He committed no sin; no guile was found on his lips.

23: When he was reviled, he did not revile in return; when he suffered, he did not threaten; but he trusted to him who judges justly.

1 Peter 2:19-23

When one goes over the national level, he goes into the direct dominion of God and therefore cannot have any relationship with Satan. If Jesus had been married, Satan could not have killed him. Because he comes at the level of completing his responsibility, he enters into the direct dominion of God. In direct dominion, God's blood lineage is connected and Satan has no way to separate it. Not advancing to that level is problem. If Adam and Eve had married and then loved, the fall of man would not have occurred. They could not have fallen eternally and Satan could not have separated them.

But, in the growth process, the fruit was not ripe. Unripe fruit does not produce seeds. It has no eternal life. The place to dispose of those lifeless things is hell, the place that has no relationship with God. Therefore, what kind of problems exist in the father-and-son relationship? The son must inherit the parents' blood lineage. This inheritance of blood lineage cannot just happen. Can this take place with a single individual? It cannot take place with just single entity, whether it is just parents -- in parents and children relationship -- or it is just man, in man and women relationship. The internal and external characters of blood lineage become completely one with the fundamental cosmic principles. A content mind representing internal character results in a content body representing the external character, and a life is brought into the world.


Sun Myung Moon, The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship

10: For "He that would love life
and see good days,
let him keep his tongue from evil
and his lips from speaking guile;

11: let him turn away from evil and do right;
let him seek peace and pursue it.

12: For the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous,
and his ears are open to their prayer.
But the face of the Lord is against those that do evil.

1 Peter 3:10-12

God cannot reverse the consequences. If He had the ability to do so, He would have never lost Adam's family to Satan. By principle and even simple reasoning, this is a fact. Thus, the only person who could repair the damage is perfected Adam. Do you understand? You have to understand the fact that the only family that can possess the love of the original nature coming from God is perfected Adam's family. All of you blessed families should assume that position of Adam's family, and representing the rest of the world, you should pray in the name of a central blessed family.

Sun Myung Moon, The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship

You must understand this. Graduating from Yale or Harvard doesn't make any difference. Lowly laborers could be better.

Sun Myung Moon, The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship

1: Since therefore Christ suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves with the same thought, for whoever has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin,

2: so as to live for the rest of the time in the flesh no longer by human passions but by the will of God.

1 Peter 4:1-2

Now that you have come to know that God, the creator, has been working hard to reclaim human beings in this manner, what must you do? You must become someone who can be in harmony as the possession of the universe, all people, and all things of creation. You must be taken as the possession of God. What must you do to become the possession of God? You must first learn to feel that God, the creator of all things, is our Father. By doing so, you must understand that the Creator who created all things is our Father who, as the eternal, unchanging and Absolute Being, has been exerting Himself to restore the inseparable parent-child relationship since the time of the creation of the world.

Sun Myung Moon, To Whom Do You Belong?

You should not just follow your bodily desires. Never cry out, "My body, my body." Even if the agony makes you burst into tears, be grateful for those tears. If you want to save your life, pray to God that you are willing to die. If you aren't bleeding, pray that you can bleed. Shout to Satan, "The whip is not enough. Get a spear and stick it in my side." Jesus went the same way. Isn't that right?

Sun Myung Moon, The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship

From now on, an immutable law to be kept, even to the point of death, is that one must not stain your blood lineage by compromising the purity of your marriage. You understand what this means, don't you? (Yes). Another point is to not infringe upon the human rights or crush the spirit of another person. Whether you are a woman or a man, or black or white, everyone is equal. You must not discriminate or violate another's human rights. For this reason the leaders of the Unification Church have convened here. Just because you're a regional leader or a "national messiah" of some country, it doesn't mean that you have the right to move people around according to your own desire (insa jochi).

Sun Myung Moon, The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship

The most fearful thing is Article I of the constitution [of the Heavenly Kingdom] -- maintaining the pure lineage. You must not allow it to be stained. There are many possessions that can be taken from women, but if a man attacks you and if you are carrying a knife, you must stop the act by stabbing any part of his body you can reach. He won't die from this. If he still continues attacking you, take his life away. The lineage is more precious than life.ÖThe second point is to not violate human rights, and the third point is to not steal public money, national property. If you see something so tantalizing, even if gold falls from a building, you re committing theft if you use public money to purchase it. You cannot use it for your self-desire. That's public money. Public money. Do you understand what I mean? Even if you bring me a church offering of such money I would not accept it. Even if I receive it through my wife, I would not spend it. This is more fearful and terrible than a poisonous drug. You will surely be caught when you go to the spirit world.

Sun Myung Moon, The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship

Therefore, once the relationships of parent and child, husband and wife, and children are all connected, the brother-sister relationship will automatically come to exist. Brothers and sisters must live a good life in harmony. In living a good life, guidance is necessary. Each person has to be an example for the others. That defines a good life. If you cannot become a model for others, you are not leading a good life, and this turns into a debt. To allow oneself to be a good model, if you live a life that can serve as an example before the mother and the father, the husband and wife, and the children, then you're living a good life.

Sun Myung Moon, The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship

Once again, these are the three relationships that make a family perfect: the parent-child relationship, the conjugal relationship, and the relationship among children. The brother-sister relationship is the result of the harmony among all these relationships. Therefore, whether in the brother-sister relationship or children's relationship, in order to become a person to stand in the position of subject, you must exert a good effect on others. If it is true, say, "Amen"! Cheer to the enthronement of Heavenly Father!

Sun Myung Moon, The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship

No matter what you may encounter, even if you are confronted with death, even if you are accused of being a traitor and are executed for it, if you keep these things absolutely, then your family will belong to the heavenly royal family and will have unabated freedom, unity, and liberation. I want you to remember this clearly. Keep this as motto. In the motto for the third millennium, I mentioned the importance of having a pure lineage. Then, I spoke of equality of human rights. Next, preserving national, public assets (being a custodian of public funds). That means not to be thieves. What is next? Be a living example! Be an exemplary parent, exemplary spouse, children, and siblings. If your cousins, nephews, and relatives are doing well, then your children will follow their example. If you form such a family, people in your village will say, "We should follow that person. I want to live with him." Then that person is surely a citizen of the kingdom of heaven and will be remembered by heaven.

I am also living that way. Wherever I go, whenever I see a grandpa or grandma, I want to serve them, buy them a meal, because I was not able to attend my own grandparents. So, it is not an easy life, but my foundation becomes bigger and bigger because God is on my side. Wherever I go, increasingly people flock around me and are concerned about me. Tens of years are passed and now even grandpas and grandmas, old people who are almost about to die, await me. Even the village dogs do not bark but want to follow me around. Do you understand?

Sun Myung Moon, The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship

19: They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption; for whatever overcomes a man, to that he is enslaved.

20: For if, after they have escaped the defilements of the world through the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overpowered, the last state has become worse for them than the first.

21: For it would have been better for them never to have known the way of righteousness than after knowing it to turn back from the holy commandment delivered to them.

II Peter 2:19-21

Democracy is more an intellectual oriented movement that begins at the grass roots level. It was aimed at protecting human dignity and human rights. The democratic system is based philosophically on man, not on God. So human rights are the central issues and concern in the democratic society. Therefore it is a natural tendency for it to tend toward humanism, and toward accommodation of secular desires, and even the more carnal desires. Wealthy democratic societies do not see any great vision. They observe the tendency of society toward socialism, so they respond with an attitude "let's spend and have a good time." Their total interest is in self-centered pleasure. They manipulate their money and assets beyond national and even legal boundaries to augment their personal situation. They rarely have ideals of patriotism. Their center of concern is themselves. Because of this they pursue artificial, carnal desires, and they pay little or no heed to moral principles. They involve themselves in drugs and sex. The democratic world has come to a dead end. They have no vision and without a vision, it must perish.

Communism arose out of a noble vision and desire, but the method was neither. The power of the masses is funneled through to the few who have absolute power, and again this absolute power absolutely corrupts.

Sun Myung Moon, Leadersí Meeting (March 30th, 1987)

One of the several key problems is the racial problem. But how are we to solve this? There is also the problem of division, spiritual division and secular humanism. Therefore the new solution of the world must be a global solution. Religion also must reach out to the global community. These are some of the concepts of the Headwing. Its philosophy transcends that of race, nation or religion. The Unification Church is embracing both the left and the right wings, and is bringing both to the highest ideal. We must not simply move to the left or the right. We must go up, beginning at the bottom in the humble position. The Unification Church has the substance and the ability needed to digest both the left and the right, plus move from the bottom and connect to the top, centering upon spiritual standards. In other words, the Unification Church must be a mega-religion, a supra-religion. We must have the contents and ability to digest and be able to consummate the highest ideal. Therefore the qualification of the Unification Church is that it creates the models, the "man for all season." So, for example, the communists should say, "These Moonies would make great communists, the only problem is that they believe in God." Humanists should be able to say, "Moonies are truly humanitarian, the problem is that they believe in God and high morals." The religious should say of Moonies, "They are most devout, I wish he were a Buddhist/Moslem/Catholic/etc, but he's a Moonie." God should say, "He/she fits into the exact formula. I take this person as my son/daughter. This is my model person."

Sun Myung Moon, Leadersí Meeting (March 30th, 1987)

The goal of spirit world is the completion and perfection of men and women. Throughout history, God has had but one plan: to perfect people according to the original plan of God. All the 'isms' are a part of the plan and need to be drawn into a united plan. Materialism is but an aspect of that plan, for God does not deny the physical or material world.

Sun Myung Moon, Leadersí Meeting (March 30th, 1987)

You have to have a clear concept in your mind. This is most important. You have to completely revolutionize your concept. It has to be like Father's ideal. Your job is to imitate Father. Father has had to pioneer the way, opening up the way at every level. But you have a highway provided for you by Father. All you have to do is run along it. How can you say you cannot do this? It is so easy compared to what Father had to do.

Sun Myung Moon, Leadersí Meeting (March 30th, 1987)

Do you know this? (Father addresses Ph.D. graduate, Tyler Hendricks. Tyler responds after thinking, "Yes.") This is the difference between the Japanese and the Westerners. When a Japanese member is asked, he immediately responds, "Hai." Later he thinks about it. He starts to do, and figures things out as he is doing it, changing and improving things along the way. The westerner, however responds, "W-e-l-l . . . ." When Father hears this he thinks of a well, a well spring of water in which the person gets stuck. Father wants a new definition of "well": get going, get your feet wet, but don't get stuck, and move on."

Sun Myung Moon, Leadersí Meeting (March 30th, 1987)

You are the imitation of the True Parents. Become the kings and queens, and mobilize the spiritual world. There is no room for racists. There is no room for humanists. There is no room for denominationalists or separatists. There is only room for Unificationists.

Sun Myung Moon, Leadersí Meeting (March 30th, 1987)

Are you the leaders of the Unification Church? You should pity Father that he has to depend upon you, and talk to you. He should have the opportunity to speak to all the leaders and kings and queens. He should only speak to you if you have such spirit. Father is pushing you because he wants you to have the label of kings and queens, and he wants you to be worthy of it.

Sun Myung Moon, Leadersí Meeting (March 30th, 1987)

Father often uses harsh words against Americans, and he feels no shame or regret simply because he tells the truth! Father doesn't feel shame or fear because of the way he lives. You should also live this way so that you can speak the truth fearlessly in front of all people. Such men and women are dramatic people. Such gutsy people are the ones who say "God, I will take care of anything." When Father sent people to get their Ph.D.s, their minds became like peanuts. They began to worry about their appearance, they were concerned about tiny little things. Their minds and thinking became so small. If you are to get Unification Church Ph.D.s, you will have to take the most difficult tasks, and become strong, otherwise you become soft and weak, bystanders, parasites.

Sun Myung Moon, Leadersí Meeting (March 30th, 1987)

This is truly a new age. Tomorrow is Hyun Jin Nim's holy marriage. He is eighteen years old, and this marriage will mark the completion of a new age. The family of Adam and Noah will be complete. Therefore the entire world will be in a place to welcome the True Parents. From now on the movement will blossom. Spirit world is determined to make this movement blossom. Spirit world has been waiting for this foundation to be firmly laid. Now the target is the young people of twenty years and even eighteen years old. We are to remake them, recreate them. Today, many of the young people belong to the trash can. We are to recreate them. In the Old Testament, it speaks of the Valley of skeletons that will be turned into a heavenly army. This is what is going to happen with the young people. You have to get yourselves excited, full of bubbling enthusiasm. Your younger brothers and sisters are dying, most of them are little more than human trash. Open our doors, welcome them in. When you go back to your centers, you will see only good things happen.

Sun Myung Moon, Leadersí Meeting (March 30th, 1987)

In order to deal with this situation, mankind must first transcend national, racial and religious boundaries so that there can be cooperation among us on a global scale. This is necessary because today's problems such as environmental pollution, over population and protection of the environment are global in their scales. Second, the sickness of today's society, particularly the deterioration of ethical and moral standards and the deterioration of our humanity, and including threats of racial and religious wars, all have their causes in human nature. Thus, solutions to these problems must be approached from the perspective of bringing a revolution of consciousness to mankind and of remaking human nature. It is not a simple issue of making changes in social institutions and structures.

Sun Myung Moon, My Life

You already know that I have been contributing large sums of money to hold annual conferences to foster unity within and among the major religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, and the highest leaders of various religions have commended my highly for this effort. Also, there have been situations such as the Korean man living in a farm village who received through the international blessing ceremony a Japanese bride who had graduated form a famous university in her country. His entire village held a feast to congratulate him. In any gathering sponsored by the Unification Church, wherever and whenever it may be held, there is no racial conflict or prejudice. The members, regardless of what part of the world they are form. have gone through a change of character effected by means of the philosophy that I have taught so that they no longer live in a self-centered manner but live a life of giving for others. They are examples of citizens of the ideal world.

Sun Myung Moon, My Life

On a quantitative basis, the Unification Movement is less than adequate, but what we have accomplished until today has profound significance in the history of the universe. Have not the teachings of many saints and sages through history sought to accomplish such results? Are not many people of good conscience in today's world trying to find the guideposts that will allow them to lead lives of goodness? And how many young people today are wandering in search of new possibilities and dreaming dreams of a brighter future for the world? And how many such young people have become discouraged in their search and have broken down in frustration?

I invite everyone to come and see for yourself. Come and look without prejudice. Examine for yourself this foundation that is not motivated of human concerns but is created with the intimate presence of the Will of Heaven. Design for yourself a brighter tomorrow. Build for yourself a clear system of values.

Look at the people of the Unification Church around the world. See how all of them, young and old, are filled with joy even as they travel on their course of total dedication. See how, in particular, the young people of the church maintain the highest ethical and moral standards even in the midst of a corrupt society, and are able to have pride in what they do. I see the young people of the Unification Church as representing the hope of mankind and the hope of God.

Sun Myung Moon, My Life

Throughout my life, I have run at full speed to pioneer a course never before traveled by anyone. It is already widely known that on an external level I have been buffeted constantly by opposition arising from a lack of understanding. Within the realm of my heart, however, I have been in a constant state of tension, fighting every minute and every second to focus how I can accomplish God's desire during my lifetime. My life has been so intertwined with God, that I could never speak of it without reference to Him. Because my life has been directly connected with the fate of the nation and the world, I have shared every aspect of it in a deep give and take relationship with God. As I recall now how I shared with Him my deepest sorrow, my greatest pain, and my most exalted joy, I offer my deepest gratitude to God with a heart that perhaps cannot be fully shared with any other person. All the glory of this day I offer up to the living God my Father.

Sun Myung Moon, My Life

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