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Establishment of IIFWP Gaza Embassy

Stephen Gabb
September 4, 2004

IIFWP Gaza is happy to announce the establishment of its new Embassy Offices in the center of Gaza City.

You can view it at our new web-site:
or if you have difficulty logging on there try: (with NO www. )

We are in the process of furnishing it and preparing for our first international VIPs. If you want to help but are stuck at home for one reason or another you can also send donations without transfer fees from anywhere in the world via the Paypal system. See our web-site for details and how you can also utilize this e-mail to e-mail transfer system for other uses when you don't want to use (or don't have) a credit card.

All those working at IIFWP Gaza are volunteers, and we will be establishing detailed and transparent accounting so that all funds will be fully utilized for IIFWP and IIPC activities and educational programs which will be directed towards religious and community leaders as well as families and youth at each level of the society.

Thank you for taking time to observe and support this endeavor.

Stephen Gabb
Ambassador of Peace, Palestine & Israel
Director, IIFWP Gaza

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