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Testifying to the Power of ACLC from Dr. Glaubach in Israel

Eliezer Glaubach-Gal
July 15, 2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Dr. Glaubach is a professor, scholar and leader in the movement to bring understanding, reconciliation and peace to Israel. He recently attended with four other Jewish leaders the Divine Principle Convocation in Washington just before the Middle East Peace Initiative. He then came with those leaders to Chicago and testified and many different gatherings of key Christian Ministerial Alliances and fellowships. The impact was great and led to a transformational blessing experience at the July 5th Interrelgious and International Blessing in Chicago.

Here is his testimony to the Chicago experience and the power of the Blessing.



NOTE: This letter has been excerpted and passed on with permission of the author.

The I. Foerder Institute for Liberal Studies
Jerusalem, July 15, 2003
To: Rev Michael Jenkins, Co-Chairman IIFWP-USA
Co-Converner of the American Clergy Leadership Conference

Dear Rev. Jenkins,

It was all transcendental to me. I am referring to our meaningful journey in Chicago, July 2 - 5, 2003, of the Prairie State visiting so many crowded Christian churches from various denominations without any significant cross around and participating in the thrilling blessing ceremony at the church of the Noble Rev. T.L. Barrett Jr. This is undoubtedly the result of the historic events of April, 2003 where 123 churches representing 50 different denominations of America traded the cross for a crown and December 31, 2002 at Imani Temple where African-American congregation in Washington D.C. African centered Catholic expression of the Christian faith, there the cross was removed, headed by the brave Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.

There is so much in common between African-Americans and the Jewish people. Both are deeply sensitive to symbols of oppression. The cross was and still is a salient symbol of persecution to both communities mentioned above. Should I recall the European crusaders, 11th-12th century, the Inquisition in Spain, 1492 or the Ku-Klux-Klan, with their visionist LW. R. Shelton, in Alabama which still practice and cherish the burning cross and the Nazi Swastika.

Also in our present very current days, most of conflicts throughout the world are behind religious ill-used symbols, such as in Belfast, Kosovo, Bosnia, Kashmir, East Timor, Rwanda, M. East, etc. though those also suffer of ethnic and national contradictions and differences of cultures.

Unfortunately, in all of those conflicts, many nations were involved and even proposed Accords for Peace Settlements, but none of them lead towards peace. Why?! We know why: because it is a conflictual humanity which badly needs a spiritual salvation, no doubt through the vision of Rev. Sun Myung Moon…..

I have come across the fabulous writings of the Biblical scholar Rev. Dr. Cain Hope Felder, who is a prominent theologian of the Howard University. He strongly opposes the view that redemption is possible only "by the blood of the cross." In his view a resurrection faith justifies sacrifice as a divine strategy dealing with persecutions, sufferings and sins, but he does not define the cross as essential in both his excellent and powerful books, mainly in the first: Troubling Biblical Waters - Race Class and Family; there is a challenging description aimed at looking at the ways in which the Bible itself is a portrait of ancient multiculturalism, multiracial tolerance, etc. One of Dr. Felder's notes say: many people just don't realize that in the earliest days of the primitive church the cross was by no means the focus. Felder adds that the symbolic image of that time was the Greek word Ikhthus, the word for fish which became the central rallying point for the early Christians.

Another book of importance to our subject matter is the "Pastoral Relevance of the Synoptic Gospels" written by Prof. William Farmer of the Methodist University. He writes on Jesus and the synoptic tradition related to the late Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, and his attitudes to the standing of the Catholic Pope.

Dear Rev. Jenkins, now I would like to relate myself to the discussion we had together with Archbishop Stalling and the Israeli group to Chicago. The topic was how to expand the ACLC and what it stands for in America and the world, etc.

A. I proposed that parallel to the fruitful activity that is being done there should be prepared a thorough research paper which should find out which communities in the USA and elsewhere, South America, Europe, Asia, etc., are potential areas for the ACLC nexus, a kind of strategic paper for future tangible activity.

B. I stated my view that no doubt religion is the basic pillar for unified peaceful mankind.

But it is necessary to safeguard humanity from ill interpretation by evil tendencies of human beings holding leading positions, etc. Thus, still having cruel dictatorships in most of the world.

The safe and firm wall is Democracy, which safeguards human right and avoids wars in most cases.

Thus, religion and democracy should flow hand by hand together in teachings, education and activities, without leaving any loopholes to be used by evil factors.

No doubt, all founders of religions had pure intentions for the best. But, unfortunately most successors did not manage to avoid deeds of evil on behalf of religion.

I was wondering whether there is any common platform between the outstanding work of ACLC and my professional experience since in my long elected previous position on the city council of Jerusalem, my main occupation was facilitating and mediating in the complex and conflictual community of the city, which I also do professionally at present for the various courts of law in Israel. What a coincidence.

As to sum up, I would dare say that we witnessed under your "roof" a phenomenon, which is not yet to be fully grasped.

The ACLC is marking a turning point in history not lesser than the great stations in the ongoing times of humanity - starting with Abraham and then - Moses - Jesus - Mohammed - Luther and nowadays no doubt Rev. Moon and what he represents and founded. Of course, the great work at the ACLC is being done by such an excellent cast of so devoted, dedicated, talented, clever, friendly and loving leaders - brothers & sisters, but I am not able to refrain myself from mentioning most of them by their names and I know this the feeling and attitude of my beloved home brothers and sisters whom with we went together through the "Chicago Arena" (Shely, Baruch, Shosh and Shuki); the most outstanding were of course: Dr. & Mrs. Bishop Ki Hoon Kim, Rev. and Mrs. T.L. Barret; Rev. Levy Daugherty, Pastor Lady Bennie Owens; Dr. A. Harold White, Dr. M.G. McGhee; Rev. Philip D. Shanker, Pastor Rev. Fred L. Johson; Rev. Bruce Suthchar Takami & Rev. Kazvo; Rev. Kevin McCarthy; Dr. & Mrs. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Lady Olfat El, Mallakhi and last but certainly not least the dear wives of and themselves: Archbishop George Augustus Stallings Jr., and Rev. Michael Jenkins: and of course, many more whom I don't recall at this moment.

By the same token, we at our end in the Holy Land wouldn't be able to do without the guidance of our dear brothers and leaders, Dr. Massatushi Abe and Hod-Ben, and under the central inspiration of the great world leaders of the IIFWP.

Could you please be so kind and convey our warmest regards to my brother, Archbishop Stallings and all dear sisters and brothers whom we had the great opportunity to meet with and work together.

All of us can't wait and are looking forward to having you all with us on the forthcoming visits to the Holy Land.

Yours sincerely,
May God Bless.
Eliezer Glaubach-Gal

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