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Report On The Visit Of The True Parents To Uruguay

Jesus Gonzalez
December 10, 2005

World Tour of 100 cities and 67 countries

True Parents arrived in Montevideo in the morning of Friday, the 9th, after a long trip from New Zealand and stayed until mid-day of Sunday, December 11th. During their presence in our country, True Parents poured out their love and energy in meetings with the leaders and members of the movement. We all were profoundly moved, when on Saturday the 10th, after the prayer of 5:00 AM he spoke to us for five hours, in a very intimate manner, expressing his heart. We could be witnesses of his complete and total dedication to live for others. In addition to these more internal meetings, they carried the load of the public events and interviews, among which two important events that mark their presence in Uruguay stand out.

The first was the interview that occurred on Friday, the 9th of December, at 17:00 hours, with the President of the Republic, Dr. Tabare Vazquez, in the Estevez Palace. Here, Father came, accompanied by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, Rev. Jeong Og Yu, Mr. Chi Sung Shin, president of Ultimas Noticias and of the Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel and Mr. Oscar Magurno. For a half-hour, the President of the Republic and our Father Moon spoke of general and world-wide themes, as well as of common affinities, such as fishing. During their interview, our Father, in the name of the Federation for Universal Peace, gave a donation to the "National Program for the Promotion of Dental Health" of school children and whose Honorary Commission is presided by the first lady, Maria Auxiliadora Delgado de Vazquez.

Secondly, the inauguration of the UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION was realized on Saturday, the 10th of December, at 19:00 hours, in the Grand Ballroom of the Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel. In the presence of 1,500 guests, amongst which were to be found legislators, members of the diplomatic corps, leaders of organizations of the civil society and many of the approximately one thousand "Ambassadors for Peace" of Uruguay.

The event began with the performance of the choir "Aparcanto Ulbra", followed by an invocation and the words of Dr. Rafael Addiego Bruno. The program included, as has been done in all of the countries and cities of this tour, a ceremony of Blessing for all of the participants, which was led by the Secretary General of the Federation for Universal Peace, Dr. Thomas Walsh. The representative couple was that of Mr. Carlos Seoane (ex-senator of the Republic) with his wife, Margot Viola de Seoane.

Father was presented by the international president of the Federation for Universal Peace, Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, who with firm and clear words said: "When we meet Father Moon, we meet truly the King of Peace spoken of in scriptures. For nearly 50 years I have observed his way of life and tradition. He knows no day or night. He has no private time for himself. He exists to give of himself 100% for the sake of God and humanity." A testimony given with profound love and fidelity to our Parents, which moved those who were present there.

To continue, a video titled "A Man of Peace", with a very brief and accurate review of our True Parents, in which the trajectory and efforts that they have realized in favor of peace the reconciliation between "enemies"; the concrete overcoming of religious, cultural and racial barriers, such as the promotion of the ideal of the True Family as model of a world of Peace and school of Love, served very good as preparation to receive his speech: "The Ideal Family of God is the Model for World Peace".

All participants stood and applauded our Parents with enthusiastic expectation. His presence, impacted through his power and energy that he transmitted, was beyond words. Father did not limit himself to the protocol of the speech, but extended it, personalizing his words to the context of Uruguay, speaking as a parent speaks with his children. This posture made many persons feel moved by their profound reflections. He encouraged us that "under the flag of the Universal Peace Federation, we serve as 'guardians of peace', to safeguard global peace". He expressed this in convocatory form and invited us to combine our energies to bring forth this enormous task: "I expect that you all put on a new 'armor of true love' in this new era and be wise and valient activists in this peace force, for the good of the future of humanity".

In his proposed exposition, which before the continuity of the confrontation and division in the world, weighed the efforts of 60 laborious years of the United Nations in their quest for peace, he proposed the establishment of an Abel-type UN organization, "whose efforts for peace will be offered to Heaven, investing incessantly in living for the sake of others". "It is the hour to re-orient our lives, leaving behind the barriers of our own nation, religion, race and culture, and realize a decisive effort for peace", said our Father Moon. "God has been longing to see the human family reunited, and this is the hour and time doesn't wait, every minute is important for this Providence" "Wouldn't you give all you have for this cause?"... words that were coronated by a warm applause from the audience.

To culminate the speech, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon came on stage with her husband at a moment when a gift was presented in the name of the "Ambassadors of Peace" of Uruguay. The gift consisted of a painting of Adolfo Sayago realized especially for this opportunity and presented by the painter himself, Oscar Magurno, and the senator Julio Lara.

This view of Uruguay reaffirmed the conviction that Uruguay and Latin America have an exceptional role in opening new paths in the 21st century, as much on the spiritual and ethical plane as on the social plane.

On the following day, Sunday the 11th, at 05:00 hours, True Parents presided over Hoon Dok Hae and the Celebration of Victory. Those were three profound and emotional hours. Father was radiant and youthful and appeared not to want to leave. All of his words centered on the family as school of love and in the importance and urgency of taking responsibilities.


(Report elaborated by Raul Rey and translated by Ken Whitmore)

Jesus Gonzalez

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