The Words of the Haider Family

A Country Boys' View on God's Precise Clock-Work

Hubert Haider
May 19, 2010

Well, if the blooming tree, which I had looked at merely a few weeks earlier, existed, how did this tree come to be there in the first place? What had told that tree it was now time to bloom? Did the tree have the smarts and the will power of its own to all over sudden make the decision it was now time to bloom? What invisible cause was able to 'convince' the tree to so generously display its gorgeous blossoms, and to display them now?

Who had implanted the precise clock into that tree? Why did the tree not bloom a month earlier? And how did the tree know what color to pick for its flowers, so they would be appealing to everyone? Perhaps the dark color of black, or perhaps the neutral color of gray, or perhaps the shocking color of a bright orange would be in order? Or should it be a much more refreshing color of pinkish-white?

Well, our Heavenly Parent, God, graciously took the burden of decision-making off that poor tree's shoulders; How could He force that tree to make all the crucial decisions on its own? Most of all, precise timing would be of essence: What if the timing was just slightly off, and the tree bloomed too early? The frost might possibly cause the blossoms to fall off. On the other hand, if it bloomed too late, most likely the blossoms would never turn into cherries!

And I'm sure, the tree could not even think of what would happen, a few months down the road, when a child's heart would be filled with so much joy, because the flowers had turned into so many delicious cherries and the boy finally could climb the tree to get them. The tree could not think of it, but God surely did!

My contribution to the '101 Proofs for God' book.

Hubert J. Haider 

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