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UPF-Austria honored as "Successful Viennese Congress Organizer 2011"

Peter Haider
May 9, 2012
UPF -- Austria

Vienna, Austria -- More than 300 event organizers who brought international congresses to Vienna in 2011 were invited to a festive banquet in the ballroom of the Vienna City Hall on May 9 and were declared "Successful Viennese Congress Organizers 2011."

Among the participants were Peter Haider, President of UPF-Austria, and Ewald Schenkermayr, representing the UPF Youth Committee. They received the award for having organized a successful European Leadership Conference in commemoration the UN International Year of Youth in July 2011.

The invitation addressed to UPF read as follows: "The city of Vienna, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and the Vienna Convention Bureau would like to thank you for your personal and time-consuming investment in organizing the event 'Communicating Change: Youth Perspectives on Peace'. Through this you have accomplished your part in contributing to an outstanding result of the Congress-year 2011."

The President of Vienna Tourism, Vice-Major Renate Brauner, welcomed the guests and, along with Mr. Christian Mutschlechner, the director of the Vienna Convention Bureau, expressed her gratitude for the outstanding contribution of everyone present. The director of Vienna Tourism, Mr. Norbert Kettner, emphasized in his address that not only is Vienna ranked top in terms of quality of life Vienna, ahead of cities such as Zurich or Vancouver, but it has also been the most successful convention city in the world for seven consecutive years. This had only been possible due to the efforts of all the people present, towards whom the city of Vienna and its tourism organizations expressed their gratitude.

The dean of Vienna University's Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Vienna General Hospital, Prof. Dr. Siegfried Kasper, received a representative certificate of special honor for organizing a congress of the "European Psychiatric Association" with several thousand participants. 

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