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Vienna to Host Conference on Europe-Russia Partnership

Peter Haider
July 20, 2012
UPF -- Europe

Vienna, Austria -- UPF, the Women's Federation for World Peace, and Academic Council on the United Nations System in Vienna are organizing a conference with the theme of Europe and Russia -- Partners in a Globalized World on October 5 and 6 in Vienna.

Themes for consideration include:

The EU as a European Peace Project and the Role of Russia

Values, Visions, Identity -- Mobility and Cultural Plurality in Europe and Russia

Visions and Perspectives of Youth about the Future Europe and Russia

The Role of Women in Europe and Russia

Attaining Sustainablity -- Europe and Russia Moving beyond Rio+20

This conference is part of a series of European Leadership Conferences that have been held at the United Nations in Geneva and Vienna, UNESCO in Paris, as well as at the National Parliaments in the United Kingdom and in Norway and in the Presidential Palace in Malta on issues of pressing concern for Europe.

For more information contact Peter Haider, Secretary General of UPF-Austria. 

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