The Words of the Hamad Family

Fond Memories in Bangladesh

Taj Hamad
June 2, 2006
UPF Deputy Secretary General, Division of Inter-religious and International Affairs
Dhaka, Bangladesh

In Bangladesh on June 2, Mr. Taj Hamad, UPF’s Deputy Secretary General for Inter-religious and International Relations, served as special envoy for Mother Moon, who was not able to go to Bangladesh as originally planned. The hall was small, but the 200 people in attendance were warm and seriously listening.

"The food was good, and the people were good," Mr. Hamad reported. "Several familiar faces triggered fond memories from the past, while other new faces were promising an exciting and hopeful future. I tried to imagine Father Moon reading the speech. I couldn't help but think about Hyun Jin and how good he became reading that speech. I learned something about his heart and Father Moon’s heart while reading the speech. We really do not understand them until we are put in their shoes! And both shoes are truly big."

The audience was peaceful and peace-loving audience. They congratulated him afterwards for the speech and joyfully reflected on the content, especially the prayer for the blessing of marriage.

Even though Muslims tend to look serious, they smile broadly for the photos. The children were adorable and added a sense of simplicity and family atmosphere. The Minister of Religious Affairs was hospitable and graceful.

Guests came from the Prime Minister's office, various government bodies, universities, the business community and NGOs.

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