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European UPF Inaugaration - Accommodation and Event Location

Heiner Handschin
November 15, 2005

Dear all,

This is to give you a brief update about accommodations and general event information regarding the Geneva event of November 17, 2005.

We are all fully aware that a very important new providence centering on EUROPE is unfolding. For this reason we need your full understanding and cooperation. During the stay of True Parents in Europe and most recently Switzerland, things have been unfolding bit by bit. The fact that we have to organize such a large EUROPEAN EVENT in Geneva Switzerland in such a short time frame is a big challenge. Because of this we have to organize everything under very un-ideal circumstances. Please do understand and cooperate, this way things will be successful and a blessing to all of Europe.

Peter Staudinger from the European Office had to take care for True Parents party until now. This evening he will open an office in Geneva. From this evening onward the European Office will be fully operational again. He will be reachable under the known numbers.

Accommodations for Ambassadors for Peace and Accompanying Staff For PEACE AMBASSADORS and staff we organized accommodations in the

Crowne Plaza Hotel GENEVA
GENEVA, 1218

It is located just next to the Geneva Airport. Once you arrive in Geneva, please find your way by yourselves to the CROWN PLAZA HOTEL for check in. Please be aware that you should be at the Conference center with the AfP by 15h30 at the very latest.

Accommodation for Supporting Members

Please understand that we cannot organize for all members accommodations. Please try to organize nation by nation. There are various possibilities for cheaper hotels: ETAP HOTEL, FORMULE 1 HOTEL, FERNEY VOLTAIRE....HOTEL IBIS, YOUTH HOSTELS ETC.

Conference Venue

The Conference center is called CICG..

17 rue de Varembé, CP 13
CH - 1211 Geneva 20

It is located near the UN

Draft Program

Please make sure to arrive at the CICG by 15h30. There will be a 2hour program prior to the reception and gala diner for AfP and key leaders of the IIFWP (400 persons). The gala diner cocktail will be from 17h30 - 19h00. At 19h00 the main program will start. (However we don't know yet, maybe TF will speak also at the session from 15h30 - 17h30!!!) Members can gather around the event hall as well, if there are free places for the reception, we can fill in bit by bit until the contingent for the first part is full.

Organizational Matters for the Registration of AfP and Related Staff All nations please send to the European Office an Excel spreadsheet listing all the AfP and IIFWP staff coming to the event from your nation. Please list your participants in pairs for the rooming so that we can prepare all accommodations.

For the event, all AfP and invited leaders and IIFWP staff will get a special sticker for security reasons. The numbers of stickers provided for your nation will be according to your reported AfP, leaders and IIFWP-staff.

For members to participate we will send out by e-mail entry tickets. This tickets need to be shown to enter to the main event and for HDH . Please make sure all members have such an entry ticket. (security concerns). However, please consider also for the first part of the event at 15h30 that members can gather around the event hall as well. If there are free places we can fill in bit by bit until the contingent of 400 is full. First come first serve basis!

I hope this information covers all your needs and I am really looking forward to welcoming you all in Geneva.

Truly yours,

Heiner Handschin

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