The Words of the Hanna Family

Sarah Hanna - the 120 day workshop in Korea

Haesul Fagcang
April 22, 2010

When I got the email about Sarah Hanna, I didn't know whether I should be happy or sad. It was short and concise.

She was there, and now she's not anymore.

Unification tradition teaches us that deaths are supposed to be joyful occasions, but I had no time to think. My mind flashed back so quickly to the short but sweet moments I had with her when she organized our joint Bromley-East London (BEAST London) HARP workshop years ago and I couldn't hold back my tears.

At the moment I am attending the 40 days (now extended) leaders workshop here in Korea along with Connie Rennie. We announced the news to everyone soon after hearing it so a lot of people over here has been praying for her smooth transition from this world to the next. On behalf of everyone here, I would like to extend our condolences to her whole family back in England.

We also realized that actually, she passed away at the same time when we started the 'Festival of Ascension' rally wherein True Father gave a speech about the importance of Seunghwa. Across the stage, either side of the center podium wherein True Father was speaking, were the pictures of 10 leaders who have recently passed away. It was the first Sunday, the first time we saw Him, He talked mainly about the importance of Seunghwa as well due to the death of Alexander Haig (who was the reason why he got out of Hungnam prison). In addition, we attended the Seunghwa ceremony of Won Pil Kim himself just two days ago. We commemorated their death by presenting them flowers.

On top of this, throughout this workshop, there has been a lot of announcements of members/member's relatives who has recently passed away. Upon hearing about Sarah, one Japanese translator even mentioned, "That's very similar to yesterday's announcement. A Japanese sister also had cancer in her back and she went to spirit world yesterday". Actually, I myself started this year of 2010 with the death and Seunghwa of my own grandfather. I can accept for him and the leaders who died due to their age. They had their chance but for those like Sarah who died young, with so much ahead of them, I find it hard to. It's unfair, hearing so many lectures here about how we should live our life and the things that we should do and accomplish before passing away, the 4 great realms of heart and so forth… now she won't get the chance to. However the spirit world is a vast complicated thing that I still don't understand very well so I'm sure that though it may be harder, there are still ways to get around these issues. There is always hope.

It is a sad time for her, losing her life and her chances. However from the short time I know her, I reckon that she's still positive and right now, she's the one that would be comforting us who are sad about her death. Let us be strong for her, and for those people who have passed away recently in our own lives so that they will feel at ease to move on and do their new missions.

It reminded me of when Heung Jin Nim passed away when True Father was also involved with another rally. I believe that her passing away has an important significance, just like Heung Jin Nim's and the other True Children. Their death will probably set conditions for greater events to take place but also I heard that they need people, preferably second generation, over there to lead the mobilization of the spirits, especially leading to 2013. Even spiritualists, inside or outside the church, are talking about how the spirit world is becoming more organized now and they say a certain man is leading it, probably Heung Jin Nim.

In conclusion, I just wanted to say that, I believe that our sister Sarah has an important task to do there so as a Unification family, we should send her to the spirit world happily and with lots of encouragement and support! 

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