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CARP Service -- Sunday 31st October

Patrick Hanna
October 23, 2010
London, England

We are happy to invite you to a new monthly CARP Sunday Service starting this month on the 31st October, 2 pm at Lancaster Gate.

This will be a once a month opportunity to have a service together for all CARP members (those who have finished high school and are in the 18+ age group, whether studying or working)

Last academic year, the monthly Saturday Service provided the occasion for 18+ to worship together and gain inspiration for the month ahead. Essentially, this is just shifting that service to the Sunday Afternoon -- in between the HARP service at 11 am, and the headquarters Interfaith Service at 6.30 pm. Part of the reason to change the time of an 18+ service, was so we can also connect to the spirit at the headquarters on what will be a busy day. Also we know that many of us enjoy attending the HARP service even though we have graduated from high school, but that because of space -- there are often people outside the room or without seats. Additionally, the focus of the sermon is intended for HARP age. So those of CARP age (18-25) should also 'graduate' from the HARP service to the CARP service, this will help both services focus on their target group and reach more HARP and CARP members each month -- but as they will both be in LG on the Sunday you can still keep connected in the crossover period, and share lunch or a coffee together.

This month will be the first opportunity to have a CARP service this academic year, so we hope you can find a way to come. LG will be open and in action from before 2 pm -- so you can also take the time to meet up and come along before to chat to others, so that we can start on time at 2 pm. Also, be aware of travel disruptions (there are often planned engineering works on Sundays), and find the quickest route to LG. There will also be plenty of time after service to meet with brothers and sisters and make it a great weekend and start to the week and month ahead.

I know that some of you are involved with your regional Sunday services, but our hope was that this timing can be least disruptive (also having it on the same weekend as the HARP service). And that it can encourage you to be more active in your regional communities -- that once a month we can meet to focus on us a CARP collective. Also, for those taking responsibilities in other services -- there may be time to travel to and from the service -- which will be approx from 2 pm -- 3.15 pm. Also that it is at a time that can suit those travelling from outside London and from longer distances.

We hope that is clear, and that a monthly CARP service can help each of us to make progress each month, and form a clearer national CARP community. We are open to your feedback and suggestions, and hope that it can be the start of other things, and support each of us to make more efforts in our communities. Your attendance, involvement and support will shape how this monthly service develops, so you being there will help make a good start and a starting point to develop from for November.

We look forward to seeing you there

The CARP Committee. 

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