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Patrick Hanna
March 7, 2011

A glaringly obvious truth has dawned upon us yoof -- we need to make better use of the tools that are the familyfireplace and the facebook. So for starters we have made a facebook 'page' -- "Unification Youth Ministry UK" which you can 'like' (to like something on facebook takes the click of a mouse and is not measured by the warmth of emotional feeling towards it -- so you can like something without really liking it). The best way to describe the Facebook page is as a cheap website of sorts, but as all of us with a cheapskate's disposition know -- cheap can very often be cheerful (apart from the times when cheap is nasty). On there should be all the latest news/info/photo/events/discussions -- all linked together in a tidy package on the Facebook which you so regularly frequent, the Facebook is the pub of the 21st century -- where you can socially network to exponential degrees across seas and nations!

So -- all you have to do is 'like' the page -- and regularly check the page from your facebook homepage or the search bar (start typing Unification Youth Ministry and it should magically appear). Also, we know that more and more of the over 25 age group are using facebook to communicate -- so we hope that the facebook group can be a meeting point for all HARP members, CARP members -- Unificationist parents and children of all ages. It has just started, so the more that is put in, the more it will give out -- give suggestions/comment and share the links. Also, it can be strongly linked to the familyfireplace -- everything can be connected, and communication can improve as a result. 

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