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Easter HARP Workshop -- "Pure and Simple" – 12+ / Livingstone House 13th-16th April

Patrick Hanna
March 17, 2011

Dear HARP members and Parents,

We are happy to inform you of the details for the upcoming Easter HARP workshop. The workshop will be for all high-school aged youth (school yrs 7-13) and the focus of the workshop's motto "Pure and Simple" will be applying The Principle in our lifestyle; a lifestyle of purity.

We wanted to offer something to all HARP members this Easter, so whilst having a shared experience as a whole age group, there will also be some age-specific content -- from both 1st and 2nd Gen educators. Importantly it will be quality time to share in the Easter Holiday as brothers and sisters, and have the opportunity to encourage each other and redetermine ourselves in all areas of our lives.

Also, we have made the workshop compact, so that it can be accessible to all those taking examinations after the Easter Holiday (who isn't these days?) -- so that it can actually be something that motivates you to do better; a worthwhile investment for school life. The workshop flyer is below, the fee will be £70, so please have a look -- and be in touch ASAP. 

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