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All you need is Love? -- 1-Day Easter CARP Workshop -- Tuesday April 12th

Patrick Hanna
March 26, 2011

Tuesday 12th April -- 9 am -- 10 pm -- CARP Workshop "All you need is love: Principled perspectives on relationships, love, sex and marriage" -- Lancaster Gate/£10: This will be a 1 day Non-residential workshop for all 18+ CARP members -- with content that focuses on the different aspects of loving relationships.

To have growing relationships we need to have the principle in action between us and others; by applying the fundamental principles of creation and restoration we can approach relationships with a fresher perspective -- and see how we can make renewed efforts to experience fulfillment in them. The 1 day schedule will dip into this topic, and also with each other we will have the opportunity to share a day's break from all our different, and often hectic, schedule -- with brothers and sisters at different stages and situations in life. The schedule will focus on content from one of our key educators William Haines, as well as time to share, time out in London, and some leisure time.

It is a simple formula for a day well spent, and we hope that we can gather a good group of us for the day. The workshop will begin at 9.00am, in the Lancaster Gate reception, and will end after dinner (with an optional movie to watch). Please apply by Friday 8th April (to help with preparations -- if you are late in applying, please still be in touch) -- email your name and contact number, and any questions or suggestions you may have. 

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