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Albania/UK Summer Project -- Could this be for you?

Patrick Hanna
April 21, 2011

This is initial information to inform you of an exciting prospect this Summer for a team of UK youth to get involved with. Please read and reply by May if you have any interest.

The basic idea is to form a team of approx. 7 Brothers and Sisters 16+ to take part in an exciting, varied and challenging 1 month program in different locations across Albania -- one that will require initiative, open mindedness, teamwork, and a spirit of OWNERSHIP. It is in part building upon our foundation of many members investing in the region, and also many of our youth investing in Albania as part of STF witnessing teams over the years. Uncle Robert Williamson is responsible as regional leader for the Balkan states, and Uncle Martin Moloney is the originating point behind this idea -- one that will also provide an opportunity for our UK movement to offer something substantial to the region, and mutually benefit from the relationship established, ideally setting up a model that can be multiplied in years to come.

In short, the proposal is that the team can apply themselves in up to 4 main areas of focus: Witnessing, UPF/interfaith work with Ambassadors for Peace, Football/community sport projects, and a neighborhood clean-up project, across 4 or 5 different centers across Albania -- to learn from the different centers and membership, and to help initiate projects, support witnessing activities -- offering what we can, and gaining inspiration for our work in the UK.

This idea is something that we are confident can be very beneficial for a group of approx 7 of our youth of Senior HARP and CARP age -- importantly we would need 2 or 3 individuals who can assume more of a leadership role in preparations and in co-coordinating and leading the team when in Albania. Those who have some foundation and experience of Albania, and working with witnessing leaders there, is obviously a natural place to start -- but anyone who has some leadership experience, and the ability to support and take care of others, and the desire to take the responsibility seriously is also great. The reality is that the prospects of the project building up momentum and supporting other team members and locals you will be working with depends on having a couple of elder youth (20+) taking a bit more responsibility.

Initially we are looking to form a British team -- but it maybe that those from other countries are inspired to participate -- so it will be flexible based on response. Also, for those who have previously witnessed in Albania, see it as an opportunity to reconnect and revisit (I am sure that they are waiting for your return!)

Uncle Martin Moloney has had a lot of experience of Albania, and this idea springs from his desire to spread the experience to others, and offer something substantial to the European providence -- with the hope that it can really be a potentially transformative and profound experience. There has been a lot of thought behind the proposed schedule, but it is something which can really be shaped by the team leaders, and also from the Albanian side. As the initiator behind the project, he is involved with the planning, preparation and support for all involved -- importantly is to get the ball rolling with an idea of who might be interested. The Rough range of dates they are looking at is a four month stretch between 23rd July and 23rd August -- mainly centered around the time of late July, and the bulk of August.

The estimated cost has been set initially in the region of $400 (approx £300) for all travel and expense, and this could be significantly supported from other sources and sponsorship, also from the Albanian movement -- so we do think that for a Month, it is very affordable and will not provide a barrier to anyone who has the desire to go. If you want to participate, then do not let money be a barrier -- where there is a will, there is always a way…

OK -- Please be in touch ASAP if you have ANY interest -- It may seem like a long way away now, and you would not be making any commitment at this stage -- be in touch with those who you feel might be interested by the prospect. Also, this email is only meant to give you an initial indication of what the trip would comprise of -- so if you have any questions please email Uncle Martin.

Take Care -- have a great Easter period

Patrick Hanna 

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