The Words of the Hanna Family

Father's Decisions and Spiritualists

Regis Hanna
October 13, 2000

How True Father arrives at decisions is something we would all like to better understand in order to compare it with our own decision making process. However, I do find it interesting that he has his spiritualists that he listens to. There was a time when he listened to Glenda Moody. Now Glenda has always had a very strong personality and brought on very strong and contrasting reactions from people. But I was impressed that True Father listens to spiritualists. Do they influence him in his decisions? I would love to know. Do Jesus and other saints advise True Father? I would love to know.

I do know that C. H. Kwak will take careful notes on everything that True Father says. He notes down the instructions he doesn't understand and then looks for a chance to ask True Father more about these points. An Example of this is when True Father told him during the 1988 Olympics to fill 21 trucks with presents and give them to the athletes from the Communist Block countries. CHK went back a few days later and asked True Father to explain more about how he wanted this done, because it was hard for CHK to envision how to carry out the order. When all the back and forth was done, we ended up giving packages of suit clothe to all the athletes who were willing to come to the Little Angels school to pick them up. That way, they could have a fine suit made for themselves in their own country. Conclusion, it would appear that some of True Fathers decisions do involve some back and forth discussion with elders.

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