The Words of the Hanna Family

Authentication of Mediums and Ancestor Liberators

Regis Hanna
July 18, 2002

Arthur Ford was dubbed "authentic." and Jeane Dixon would have been also, but she withdrew all testimony in favor of True Father (TF) when she discovered some unauthorized tape recording going on of her meeting with TF.

Mrs. Cedars was a medium that Miss Kim had a lot of faith in, although she was not in our church.

One of the first Americans that I knew as a medium was Glenda Moody, who Miss Kim put a lot of faith in, in 1970.

After TF came to America, there was a group of 3 spiritualists who came from Oregon, I believe, during TF's speaking tour. There was also a lady in Towson, Maryland who got revelations when she went into trance, quite unexpectedly when 2 other total strangers, (strangers to each other also) were spiritually lead to her house. They got revelations to follow TF. (And later got revelations that their first revelations were false.)

In 1970, when the 777's went to the blessing, they had dramatic experiences with Nung Son Halmoni, doing ancestor liberation.

Shortly afterwards, she died.

Then Lady Doctor Kim came to the US in the fall of 1979. After 120 days in NYC, she moved into a house that I had rented in Baltimore as a center, taking over the lease. She did a ceremony in the house to liberate a lady who had hung herself in the basement. Despite months of work, tearing out decrepit sheet rock and painting the walls, we had not been able to get any kind of good spiritual atmosphere in that house. As soon as she did the ceremony, a good atmosphere came. It was dramatic. So she began her course.

Along the way we had Cleophas (Black Hyung Jin Nim) channeling Heung Jin Nim and afterwards A lot of others channeling him.

In Summary, what does ancestor liberation mean? You take a chain off somebody? They get a "get out of jail free" card? They can cross one barrier in the SW? only to hit another? One evil spirit attacking them gives up on that ancestor? There is a problem of definitions here. Dae Mo Nim has been the most specific in her claim of what she does. Many, many details.

We are a Holy Spirit Movement and embrace spiritual phenomena. But while we have a healthy tradition of respecting it, and a healthy tradition of Inspecting it carefully and questioning it, we are struggling to Integrate it. Something healthy and understandable in our western culture.

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