The Words of the Hashimoto Family

Testimony From Korean Mobilization

Takenori Hashimoto
November 4, 2003

This is from Mr. Hashimoto who is the Vice Regional Director of Europe. He is currently mobilized in Korea with representatives of the 7 nations.

From: European Office
Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2003 10:36 PM
Subject: Greetings from Mr. Hashimoto

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many greetings from Korea.

It is a while since I last reported to you. Every day is filled with so many profound experiences. Being close to our True Parents gives us all a deep sense and feeling of responsibility for our mission here in Korea. Nobody among us could imagine when we joined the mobilization to New York in September that we will find ourselves in Korea working closely together with our True Parents. Every day we are filled with amazement and gratitude and our personal affairs in our home countries seem so far away. However, there are many tears shed not knowing clearly when we will be able to return. Some sisters left their small children and worried husbands behind and some of us lost or have to fear to loose their jobs. In spite of all these worries all brothers and sisters here are coping very well with a strong sense of responsibility to represent their nations in front of our True Parents.

At this point I need to urge the national leaders from Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Austria to deeply understand the importance of the mission your brothers and sisters are fulfilling here in Korea. As Rev. Kwak said at several occasions they are not here for their personal benefit but they are fulfilling a mission of great importance as representative of the 7 providential nations in front of the Messiah our True Parents in establishing the IICP the main focus of our True Parents at this time of the providence. Because of this reasons the families left behind are in need and are entitled to receive support and help from the national movement. Please do your very best to find out their needs and help them in any way possible.

Let me just shortly summarize what we did the last couple of days.

28th November Ė 1st November 2003

We formed seven teams and supported different regions in and around Seoul in so called "Rallies of Reporting about the Inauguration of the IIPC". We visited local governments, schools and people of public importance. We sing some songs and one of us gives a short speech. We are officially called "World Peace Task Force". We leave behind a deep impression. People are so amazed to see a team of seven nationalities harmonizing so well showing a true example of peace overcoming boundaries among nations giving hope that one family under God is possible.

One of the teams went to the Korean Highway Administration Authorities to protest about the plan to build a highway through the area of the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center. The message was that it is not only a Korean affair but it worries a lot of people world wide.

2nd November 2003

True Father asked us to travel to Cheju island for fishing and hunting. When we arrived we did some sight seeing and to the surprise of us all True Parents was there as well to well come us. In the evening we did two hours of HDH.

3rd November 2003

HDH with True Parents in the morning. This is a short summary what True Father said to us:

- Parents are of outmost importance

- True Fatherís life is a substantial record of True Love

- In order to be able to go to the Kingdom of God we have to leave behind any accusation from Satan. True Father always worked not to be touched by Satan

- Christian salvation doesnít show any gate for parents

- We have to be very clear about our God given position in our daily work

- True lineage is absolutely essential

Later during the day True Father asked to form 10 teams among the 140 brothers and sisters present and to start with a Yut tournament. I got completely involved and my team became second. The first three teams received a certificate with True Fatherís signature plus a little prize money.

After returning from some more sight seeing in the evening we had HDH again. Before we started each one of us received a T-shirt and a pair of socks from True Mother. True Fatherís words to us:

- We need to know Godís heart. The only place to get to know Godís heart is at the front line. There is the place where we can touch Godís heart.

- We never should complain. We will loose everything as soon as we complain.

- We need to separate from Satan for not being accused for our standard

- The best gift we can give to God is to become True Parents ourselves.

Later in the evening one brother gave an impressive testimony about how moxa treatment was

healing his life. He suffered for long time of having no energy and he needed to rest several times during the day. Now he is a completely new person full of energy. True Father said that we have to try and use it ourselves and use it also as a tool in our witnessing activities.

4th November 2003

As before HDH in the morning and HDH in the evening with True Parents. True Fatherís words to us:

- Western democracy is based on brotherhood and Eastern democracy is based on parentism.

- Abel needs to liberate Cain through True Love

- Freedom, Peace, Equality and Unification results into Happiness

- Each nation should send 180 Ambassadors of Peace to 180 nations to do peace work

- The mission of the Peace UN is very important Ė Peace Kingdom can came about

Near Cheju Island is an other island called Jigido which True Father bought some times ago. All of us went there to do some fishing. True Parents followed us to have lunch together with us. The Korean brothers killed a wild big and we had a great time sharing an incredible BQ. After the meal True Father prayed very deeply mentioning that this island is already a restored piece of land. From here the restoration of the land has to expand to all of Korea and finally to the entire world and it is the responsibility of the blessed families to realize it. It was a proclamation made by True Father and we might get some more details about the deeper meaning of it in the near future.

At the eveningís HDH True Father said:

- HJN messages from spiritual world are very important

- HJN is in the elder brothers position towards us

- HJN and brothers and sisters in the spiritual world are working very hard but the substantial accomplishment has to come from us.

- Blessed families need to be purified. Blessed families are the center of the providence.

- We pay indemnity and lay spiritual conditions but the substantial accomplishment needs to return on earth. Unity has to be realized on earth.

- HJNís messages from spiritual world are more precious than the most beautiful love letter.

- We need to liberate our ancestors. We help them to be liberated and they will help us to accomplish our responsibilities in return.

Just after we concluded our HDH session True Father announced that all of us 84 should go to Japan for two weeks to work for the establishment of the IIPC in Japan. As you can image it is a shock for some of us because we started to prepare to go back to our home countries within this week. But what can you say when True Father directly asks you to do an important mission. It is impossible to refuse.

We received so many blessings until today but at the same time it is very hard for some of us. Please ask your membership to pray for the brothers and sisters from the "World Peace Task Force" and for their families left behind.

We stayed 27 days in Korea and now we are preparing to leave for Japan for 14 days. These are altogether 41 days which might be enough of the expected condition. However, we do not know at this point. The IIPC providence started in USA, moved on to Korea, now to Japan and might move forward to Germany, United Kingdom, France and Italy.

Tomorrow on the 5th November we will participate in the opening ceremony of the IIPC Office in Seoul and 6th November we will leave for Japan with the bus via Pusan taking a ship to Japan. True Father said that we should take a bus to be closer to the people and to get to know Japan better. In Japan we will again visit VIPís and attend all kind of rallies in connection with the inauguration of IIPC in Japan.

Before we concluded our meeting today with True Father, True Father said to us,"See you in two weeks again!"

These is all for today and again I need to ask you please take care well of the families left behind. They need your love, compassion and protection.

Yours sincerely,
Takenori Hashimoto

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