The Words of the Hashimoto Family

European MFT

Takenori Hashimoto
August 29, 2004

Many warm greetings from the European Office. First, thank you very much for your great efforts to respond towards the current providential events. Our European MEPI will start in less than two weeks, please invest all your heart to bring many Ambassadors for Peace to Israel.

I am very grateful for all the brothers and sisters who have joined our European MFT so far and for all their wonderful contributions they have made. At the moment the team is in Switzerland. One brother from UK took a three weeks holiday from the team. He is more than fifty years old and I am very grateful for his effort.

As you might have realized, this time there are two national leaders’ wives on the team. Also we have two second generation. All of them are doing very well.

From end of August onward we will have only 4 members remaining and from middle of October we are in need for a new team leader. Please send new people and send me recommendations for a good team leader. Especially I would like to encourage the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Hungary to find team members.

So far we had very good experiences with second generation brothers and sisters. There might be some among the second generation who are not able to dedicate one year for the STF but are looking for a shorter time period to offer for a public activity. The European MFT is a good place for that, having beside fundraising experiences a good time of education and a time of sharing among brothers and sisters from all over Europe.

Thank you very much once again for all your support and dedication and I am looking forward to receive soon your recommendations of brothers and sisters willing to join the European MFT.

Yours sincerely,
Takenori Hashimoto
Vice President FFWPU-Europe

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