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Special Appeal For Additional Donations To Support Our True Parent’s

Takenori Hashimoto and Tim Miller
Novembere 10, 2005

Special Appeal For Additional Donations To Support Our True Parent’s Visit To Switzerland And Meeting With European Ambassadors For Peace

Dear European Members,

As you may be aware True Parents are gracing Europe with a second visit. This will provide us with a precious opportunity to offer our filial care and support so that they can continue their 100 City Tour in the Middle East with their full energy.

At the same time True Parents, out of their heart to develop the European Providence, have requested that European Ambassadors for Peace gather to meet with them in Switzerland on the 17th November.

President Song wishes to express his deep appreciation to all European members for their whole-hearted response to the European Tour and the financial offering associated with hosting the Inauguration in 15 European Cities. Some 60% of families have responded with donations and these have covered most of the costs immediately incurred. However the special opportunity represented by this second visit will require additional finance. You can participate in the following ways:

1.. Those families who have not yet given the offering already requested (or not yet completed the full donation) should urgently (if possible before 18th November) make whatever offering they can manage towards the requested amount.

Western Europe - €1000
Eastern Europe - €300
Balkan Region - €100

2.. Those families who have already donated are asked to make an exceptional effort to immediately make an additional offering in this time of great providential fortune.

They should feel that this is a way of offering their personal care and support to our True Parents, and of fulfilling our mission as Abel to connect our Peace Ambassadors directly to the King and Queen of Peace.

We suggest that families who are in a position to donate offer as much as they can. We need to collect an additional €150,000 before 18th November.

May we suggest donations of at least:

Western Europe - €120
Eastern Europe - €40
Balkan Region - €20

Thank you for your heart of true love and total offering.

Yours sincerely,
Takenori Hashimoto and Tim Miller

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