The Words of the Heller Family

In Memory of Alvetina Ogay

Jorg Heller
March 25, 2001

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Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director - Rev. Michael Jenkins, President
To: All Members
Fm: HQ Directive - Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins
Re: The Passing of Alvetina Ogai in Wyoming
Dt: March 25th, 2001

Below is the Report from Michael Hentrik about the sister who died in Wyoming while she supported True Parents 50 State Speaking Tour. True Parents held a special prayer for Alvetina and she will receive a National Level Burial Ceremony!

Please pray for our sister who has come from a far away land to give her life for the salvation of America.

Biographical information on Alvetina Ogai (also spelled Ogay on passport) The sister who died in Wyoming during True Parents' 50-state tour.

She died on March 21, 2001 at approximately 7:00 PM Mountain Time) Attached is her photo. Alevtina Ogai was born in Uzbekistan, Central Asia on Dec. 29, 1951 to Korean parents whose parents had been deported to Central Asia by Joseph Stalin in winter of 1937 from Far East Russia. They arrived in Uzbekistan with only the clothes on their back and what little they could carry with them.

Hundreds of thousands were scattered around the former Soviet Union, most in Central Asia. Alevtina was a serious student and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Engineering. She worked in this field for many years until she met the Unification Movement in Tashkent, Uzbekistan ion 1995.

She was never married or engaged in her whole life but led a life of purity and seeking truth. After joining, she went to St. Petersburg, Russia for 21 day workshop and stayed six months on MFT. She then was sent back to Central Asia where she worked first in Bishkek, Kyrghistan witnessing and fund raising and then returned to Uzbekistan.

For a brief period of transition of the Uzbekistan movement, she became a home member. In Dec. 1996 she moved into the center in Tashkent as full time member, where she remained till leaving for America on Mar. 5, 2001. Alevtina had a wide range of duties and responsibilities in addition to joining blessing campaigns, witnessing and other public events.

She also managed the center, cooking, dealing with local authorities on various legal matters, managing a language school, which she operated on the premises of the church center. She was a stable point of reference for missionaries and National Messiahs who often found local methods of doing things puzzling and strange.

She has one brother and two sisters living in Tashkent and is very close to them and their children. She always tried to bring them to True Parents, witnessing to them, lecturing and bringing them to the center for Sunday service.

She also always had the desire to receive the Blessing from True Parents. This led her to go to America, but she wanted to work with the American movement even if she would not be successful in receiving the Blessing during her physical life.

So, she offered her life to God, True Parents and for the success of the 50 State Speaking Tour. She is well loved by members and friends whose life she has enriched during her life. She will always be an inspiration to us.

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