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Service For Peace Rally Information

Jorg Heller
June 11, 2002

Who: Service for Peace and partnering service organizations, community groups and religious communities

What: A summer-long, metro-wide effort to break down barriers, build bridges and foster community cooperation through the act of serving. Volunteers can log 100 hours of service and receive the President's Student Service Award pin and certificate.

When: Activities will begin in June and go on throughout the summer, with an exciting rally to celebrate the summer projects, on July 26th at the MCI Center, which will include electrifying entertainment, music and dynamic speakers. The program will recognize and appreciate the efforts of all involved in the summer projects and continue to pass on the vision of Service for Peace

Where: Washington DC and the surrounding Metro area

Why: Through recognizing our common origin in our Divine Parent, we can see the needs of our community as the needs of our own family. From that perspective it is not an act of service, but a lifestyle of living for the sake of others that we aspire to. This attitude towards service creates change not only in the person who serves, but also allows the person being served to give as well. This familial model of service provides a framework in which everyone's personal, spiritual and physical needs can be met.

How: Service for Peace will initiate several projects to get the activities started and to create the buzz across the DC Metro Area. Once that is in full motion, SFP volunteers and project managers will assist other groups who want to be involved. Several avenues of assistance will be offered including volunteer support, project development and raising resources.

How to get involved:

Call your local SFP representative at (202) 299-9493 to get more information

Register an existing project you are involved in and receive great Summer of Service support

Connect with SFP project managers to develop a project in your community

Match your volunteers with an ongoing Summer of Service project

Take part in the service celebration rally at the MCI Center on Friday, July 26th . Doors open at 5:30 and the program will begin at 7:00 pm.

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