The Words of the Heller Family

Notice About Chung Pyung Workshop

Jorg Heller
January 29, 2004

Dear Leaders,

Please pass this information on to all of your members, especially the Blessed Wives who are to attend the 40 Day Blessed Wives Workshop in Chung Pyung.

Here is a note from Rev. David Reed who is presently in Chung Pyung. He works under Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu. His main mission is to teach the new version of the DP as laid out by Mrs. Eu.

During the course of the 40 day workshop everyone will have the opportunity to receive lecture training and be approved and licensed as a certified DP Lecturer. Please encourage everyone to bring the materials and money requested below.

Thank you,

Greetings from Chung Pyung. I send am sending this very important notice, especially for the 80th Session (Jan 31 - March 10) participants. (1800, 74 and 118 couple wives ).

Could you please notify those who will attend this session and future sessions to also bring their 1) Divine Principle manuals for chart lecturing and 2) up to $200 for certification (depending on what level of certification they may already have).

Many people wish they had received this notice, in order that they may get the maximum benefit from the workshop.

Thank you very much
Rev. David Reed

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