The Words of the Heller Family

HSA-UWC meeting

Jorg Heller
October 12, 1999

These are notes from the Tuesday morning leaders meeting on 10/12/99 at HSA HQ's NY

Rev. Walton (Queens Church): They have 20 Japanese missionaries staying at the Queens center. They go out witnessing every day. They have set up 2 book tables, with big posters of True Father. The sisters fan out and bring guests to the table. Recently they have brought 5-6 guests a day. Last Saturday, they decided on a Japanese Cultural night, created a flyer and went out on the streets and proceeded to bring 16 guests. They had 3 guests for one-day workshop. It's challenging getting members involved, though, only 1-2 western sisters are helping. If the sisters have no guests, then they stay out witnessing until 9 PM.

Rev. Hori (Brooklyn): They have 25 Japanese missionaries. They are broken up into three focused groups. One group goes out street witnessing. One group reaches out to the pre-Blessed couples (from 1997). One group reaches out to the ministers. The challenge is getting lecturers for guests. Rev. Hori has been doing it all day by himself, mostly. They are now focusing having Hoon Dok Hwei conferences at churches.

Connecticut: They have 31 Japanese sisters. They are made up of 5 witnessing teams. They are focusing on campuses. The teams are witnessing at Fairfield U., Yale, Ct. State, downtown New Have.

New Jersey, Rev. Oppenheimer: They are setting up store fronts in different towns. Union City was the first. It has many pre-Blessed couples living there. The challenge is getting guests to the Clifton church. There isn't any street witnessing situation in Clifton or NJ, so guests have to drive to the center.

Rev. Compton (NY): The Japanese sisters are bringing many guests every day. The challenge is the number of counselors available to take care of the guests when they come. The strategy is very clear in the process of brining guests to workshops and further. The language classes are in need of assistants as well. People can come 2-3 times a week and parent a spiritual child. They initiated a prayer evening on Tuesday nights for guests.

Rev. Holt: We had 14 guests attend the one-day workshop last Saturday. They heard the DP. We don't want to put tons of effort and show nothing for it and be exhausted as with many previous experiences. We should be able to expand the language classes to 6 nights a week and have 300 guests. We would have many more workshop attendees. From the first 10 week language course, there were 70 guests, 30 stayed for continuing DP education, 12 went to one-day workshop, 6 attended two-day workshop, 3 are doing 21-day workshop to become full-time members.

Mrs. Noda: There are 500 families in NY region. Only 60 families gave some money for the Japanese Missionaries. And only 30 gave $500.00 The sisters also need winter clothes.

Rev. Holt: How can we inspire members to donate to this situation?

Suggestions: families can give $125/month for 4 months. Bread donations a-la Bruce Grodner. Food donations - fruits from farms, Hunts Point Food Market.

Rev. Kim (regional director-NY): Witnessing is somewhat new to us, having not done for man years. The challenges at the workshop is two-fold. We need people to take care of guests at the camp and western members to be group leaders. suggestions for the workshop were: coordinator, workshop staff, musicians-music. Our way of life has been to "act" on a direction. Now we must focus on the "harvest". How can we make results. The system now is: 1) Japanese sisters go out to street and bring guests to 43rd St. 2) Japanese-American sisters take care of guests when they arrive (they can communicate initially to guest and J-missionary). 3) They listen to lecture 4) After lecture members talk to guests - this should be western member (sisters) to be able to speak more deeply to the guests. Last week the sisters brought 336 guests. 14 went to 1-day and 7 signed up for 2-day workshop.

All NY families should donate $500, there is no excuse. We have it quite easy here in NY. In other regions, Japanese sisters are staying in members homes, 3-4 per home. The members are taking care of their food and lodging and transportation. If we had a reverse situation, think of the costs involved for us to go and live in Japan for 4 months. Just the flight alone would cost about $1,000. These sisters are our Mother position. We should take care of them. They are helping to bring victory here in America, our country. Look into your pure original heart. The SW is working through these sisters to bring victory in America. $500 is so small compared to their efforts. They have sacrificed so much time and money. Please give ASAP. You heart will rest smoothly.

We need help at 43rd St. More Japanese and more western sisters. Of course, you have so many daily family needs and activities. But the global situation affects us and your children. The Providence of witnessing is trying to help change society. Your help and work with the witnessing will only have a positive affect on your future and your children's future. We can't hide from the ills of society. Let's work together to make the turn-around of this world into God's World. Please offer even one half a day to start and see the providence first hand. Be in the middle of where it really is happening (downtown NY). Get out of the house and get on the Metro train to Grand Central. 43rd st is only a couple of blocks from Grand Central. Your original heart is pumping for you to go!!! Amen. 

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