The Words of the Hentrich Family

Testimony On The Blessing Campaign

Michael Hentrich
December 10, 2004

Hi All,

I hope you are well. Just a short testimony on the Blessing campaign. As I said before, this is the NUMBER 1 condition for success in Father's crucial high level work at this time in America. Of course, the best method for Blessing is the one-on-one approach with witnessing on a personal level. However, at this late date, we need to complete our goal also.

Yesterday, my family went out to distribute Blessing candies. Shigeko did 2 schools which our children attended in the past, as some others of you did already in Denver. That is a great idea. Also, I got some cheap wicker baskets at second-hand shops (30 cents or so each on weekends when they sell this kind of stuff for half-price) and brought baskets of Blessing candies and cards inside to the Mall and went shop to shop. A few shops said "no" but most said, "Oh what a nice thing to do for Christmas." One nice older man running a clothing store gladly took a basket to put next to his cash register and then stopped me as I was leaving and said, "Wait, I go to bingo and there are lots of people there who need this Blessing. Give me another larger basket for them. I will put this card on the outside so everyone can read it." We can do the same at gas stations, restaurants, shops, bars, etc. A family can do 10,000 in one day this way.

PLEASE HELP US FINISH OUR GOAL. We must do it by Dec. 31. Thank you so much. God Bless.


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