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Couples Should A Attend Dae Mo Nim Event

Michael Hentrich
July 26, 2005

Dear Bro/Sis:

I have received a confirmation and update from Headquarters about the Dae Mo Nim visit relating to both spouses attending the events. Dae Mo Nim stresses strongly that EVERY person needs the benefit and grace of the Ancestor Liberation ceremony. It is much easier to get to these American ceremonies than to go to CPL. Therefore, every couple should plan to attend. She stresses this. However, the policy and rule is still in effect that if only one spouse attends, they will be able to liberate ancestors for their mate if they are not there. But, she expects and wants both spouses to attend in America. It is not the rule for Japanese and Koreans at CPL. They must both attend because they do not have that far to go to get there. They are not allowed to represent their spouse. That's what I was told.

Rev. Hentrich

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