The Words of the Hentrich Family

Wish Papers

Michael Hentrich
July 28, 2005

Dear Bro/Sis:

The Wish Papers have arrived and are in the office at the Church. Please pick yours up.

Those participating in the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony need to bring their Holy Robes.

Separate Checks must be written for 1) the registration fee, 2) any Ancestor Liberation/Blessings, and 3) for Wish Papers. Only 1/2 of the Wish Paper donation and the registration fee will be Tax Deductible. Other donations will not be.

All forms, donations, etc. are prequested to be mailed to the appropriate city to arrive by August 8. They can be brought in person, too, I think, if you do not want to mail them but I am not certain about that and anything must be turned in before the ceremonies start, for sure.

Rev. Hentrich

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