The Words of the Hentrich Family

Dae Mo Nim Questions And Answers

Michael Hentrich
August 2, 2005

Dear Bro/Sis: The following are official answers to some questions you have had about Dae Mo Nim's visit:

1. Can we get a detailed schedule of the ceremonies and events at each location?

The schedule is still being finalized.

2. Will the Ancestor Liberation forms be forwarded on to ChyeongPyung, and if not, should members send a copy of their completed form to ChyeongPyung after the ceremonies?

All forms will be entered into the CPL database by a staff person while in the US, and all paper forms will be copied and taken back to CPL. Each member should retain a copy for their own records.

3. If someone liberated Father and Mother blocks within a column (but not grandfather and grandmother) and blessed them, and then later liberated the same column's grandfather and grandmother blocks, are the grandparents' blessings already paid for in the Ancestor Blessing fee for that column paid previously?

When the grandparents are blessed, a $70 donation should be made for each set of 7 generations (also gen. 1-7), even though the father and mother lineages have already been blessed.

4. Do Ancestor Blessing participants need white gloves?


5. The Crowne Plaza Hotel has given us special rates of $99 per room for this event. I have details from Chicago if you need them. Rev. Hentrich

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