The Words of the Hentrich Family

Urgent - Dae Mo Nim Donations

Michael Hentrich
August 3, 2005

Dear Bro/Sis:

The following has just been sent out from headquarters. Please be alert for more info in the next 24 hours. Thanks.

Rev. Hentrich

Due to a recent communication from Chung Pyung we have to revise how to process donations from members for Dae Mo Nim's tour. We are working on this now and will inform you as soon as everything is complete. In the meantime, several points:

1. The only checks that can be deposited in an HSA-UWC account (or credit card forms that can be processed) are the event enrollment fees ($100 per family, $50 per individual).

2. DO NOT deposit any checks for ancestor liberation/blessing, wish papers, or any other of the ceremonies. DO NOT process any credit card forms.


Anyone writing a check for any of the ceremonies (liberation, blessing, wish papers, etc.) should make it out to HSA-UWC CSC. They must include a processing fee as follows:

Add $8 for a check under $1,000

Add $10 for a check of $1,000 or more 4. We are still waiting to clarify how credit cards will be processed. We know this creates an additional challenge in communication and thank you for your patience.

Margaret Herbers

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