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San Francisco Dae Mo Nim Event

Michael Hentrich
August 3, 2005

Dear Bro/Sis:

For those of you going to the Dae Mo Nim event in Northern California, I have the following information for you...

The California Church leaders have reduced the Registration fee there to $50 per family instead of $100 per family as in the other 3 events.

The event will be held in OAKLAND, not in San Francisco. The location is: The Oakland Convention Center in the Marriott Hotel at 1001 Broadway, in Oakland, California 94607. The phone number of the hotel is: (510)451-4000. There are no break on rooms there, and the rates start at $189 per night. The Oakland family says you can sleep at their church center in a sleeping bag but tell them ahead of time that you are coming.

You should fly in to the Oakland airport, not San Francisco. From there you could take a shuttle to the BART station (train) and from there go to the Oakland City Center and from there to the 11th Street stop. You will then be at the Hotel. It is said to take at least 30 minutes if traffic is not too heavy.

Registration begins at 9:00 AM and the ceremonies begin at 10:00 AM (only 1 hour!!!)

Below is contact info for other nearby hotels:

FYI: this is a few hotel web sites near the Oakland airport. Anyone who wants can sleep at our church. It would be on the floor in a sleeping bag, but at least it is a roof over the head. Please let us know in advance. =Oakland%20Airport&city=Oakland

Rev. Hentrich

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