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Chicago Dae Mo Nim Forms

Michael Hentrich
August 5, 2005

Dear Bro/Sis:

The Chicago headquarters has asked that we gather as many of your Dae Mo Nim forms as possible (and also fees, but we still are waiting to be told clarification on how to pay those fees, so we may have to wait and bring them in person if they cannot clarify it for us soon) and send them to Chicago in one mailing to arrive by the 10th. If this is not convenient for you, please do as we originally planned in the Denver Region and mail them yourself to the address in your packet.

THEY ALSO WANT ME TO INPUT YOUR FORM 1-A INTO A COMPUTER FILE AND EMAIL IT TO THEM RATHER THAN MAILING IT SO THEY DO NOT HAVE TO INPUT 1000 PARTICIPANT FORMS 1-A. I am not here after Sunday afternoon, so if you have not given me your forms this Sunday for me to mail and input form 1-A, then please send ALL forms to Chicago yourself. In other words, I will not input and email your form 1-A if I don't have it by Sunday Service. Just go ahead and mail the 1-A form with the rest of your forms on your own. We are just trying to save them some work. Form 1-B will be input by the Chicago Church or staff people. Form 1-A is the more simple one.

Please call me if you have any questions. I will let you know the payment directions as soon as we get them.

Rev. Hentrich

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