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Forward Message From Chicago Re Dae Mo Nim's Tour

Michael Hentrich
August 11, 2005

Dear Bro/Sis:

The following just came from Chicago. Please review it carefully.

Rev. Hentrich

Dae Mo Nim's Tour 2005 in Chicago Information vol.1 (August 11)

Dear All Family Members who are attending Dae Mo Nim's ceremony,

From today on, we will send you important announcements and useful information every day. Thank you

Dae Mo Nim's American Tour 2005 in Chicago Information
To Make Your Ceremony Successful
Thurs. Aug. 11th vol.1

1. Things for Members to Prepare

Each person (including children) should have: FM Radio and Nice White Shirt (T-shirt is fine)

Adults participating in any of the blessing should bring:

Holy Robe (wear completely), White Gloves and Blessing Ring (one per participating spouse)

Parents receiving the tong-il candle for seungwha-ed 2nd generation should bring:

A New White Candle to be multiplied from Dae Mo Nim's candle

Lunchbox (Recommend. You have just 40 min for lunch and changing to holy robes.)

See program below.

2. Program on Tuesday, Aug. 16

Please be there by 8:00am. Registration will start at 7:00am. Members who do not yet complete registration (fees, forms & Wish Papers), please come early as possible.

Time Time Required Program

09:00-10:00 60 min. Seunghwaed 2nd Generation Tongil Candle Receiving Ceremony/ Photo with Dae Mo Nim for those who donated full Original Palace Donation

10:00-11:00 50 min. Part 1 - Video and Presentation

11:00-12:40 100 min. Part 2 - Ancestor Liberation/Prayer-wish Ceremony/ Spiritual and Physical Worlds Engagement Workshop

40 min. Break (Lunch) & Change to Holy Robes

13:15-14:30 70 min. Part 3 - Ancestors Blessing/Spiritual and Physical Worlds Blessing

30" Ceremony Closing

14:40-15:00 20 min. Part 4 - Registration Blessing 3. Important Information

[U12 Policy During the Blessing] Young children (under 12) cannot stay in the main hall during the Ancestors' Blessing ceremony (13:15-14:30). One of parents should take care of them in a different room.

[Original Palace Donation] Some people said that they've never heard of "Original Palace Donation." Please visit and click on "Original Palace Donation" for details.

And if you can make a $1,200 original palace donation even on August 16th, your family will be able to take a photo with DMN (9-10am). Please report to ASAP if you can do so.

[Discount Parking Fee Info] You can get a parking voucher at registration tables. The discount parking fee is $7.00. (Normally $15). Please use the entrance on Balmoral Ave not the main entrance on River Rd.

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