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Conference Call Notes

Michael Hentrich
February 8, 2006

Dear Bro/Sis:

Just some notes on our weekly conference call with Rev. Jenkins that I thought you might like to know...

Rev. Jenkins just arrived back home from True Parents Birthday celebration in Korea and the leaders meetings there. He gave a lot of testimony. He mentioned that True Parents will move into the Holy Palace on the Day of All Things. This will then be their permanent home from which to administer CIG. Also, Father said he will be able to appear freely in the Palace after he goes to the spiritual world.

Rev. Jenkins spoke about HDH Family Church and said all families should group together with other families with whom they would like to associate, even if they are not ready to start a HDH Family Church effort yet. (Please submit your list to me this weekend with the names of the families you want to be paired up with. Thanks)

He talked about Blessed Families and Blessed Central Families, saying that Blessed Families are those who have shared the Holy Wine but who are not directly working with our movement as Unificationists. They may be Ambassadors for Peace, ACLC ministers, Women's Federation members, etc.,. But Blessed Central Families are core members like us who attend True Parents. He also mentioned that all branches of our movement would be coming under the umbrella of the Universal Peace Federation or the IIFWP.

He told us that Hyun Jin Nim, Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim all gave deeply moving talks in Korea. Each is over a different area of the providence there.

He said that the economic foundation of our movement in Korea encompasses some $_ in business assets now. It is very large.

He also said that the North Koreans have already organized a large percentage of South Korea's young people in anticipation of Korea-wide elections, possibly next year. Thus, many high level government officials from past administrations in Korea have become members of Father's movement in Korea now, because they see Father as the only hope to avoid a communist Korea.

Just some points from the call...

Rev. Hentrich

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