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National Leadership Summit on HDH Church January 23, 2006

Michael Hentrich
February 8, 2006

Dear Bro/Sis:

As I promised, here is a summary of the highlights of the National Leadership Summit that Rev. Park, myself, and Rev. Ngalame attended on January 23-25.

In addition to the points I talked about in the Sunday Service, which followed that Summit, the following were discussed:

New Jersey reported on an in-depth and detailed 24-week educational method for members to prepare for doing HDH Church. The program included a rigorous program of Divine Principle study, teaching, summarizing Sunday Sermons, prayer, and service. Rev. Dong Woo Kim explained that HDH Church is intended to substantially change our movement from having a campaign mentality to a settlement mentality. Also, we must change from seeing ourselves as members to being owners of CIG. As members, we are conditioned to need detailed direction instead of being owners of the Providence. He said that first; members need to study the Principle again. They train by the one-on-one method of DP study, reading the book together, and become "Certified" to teach others by the same method. They need to be spiritually revived through study of the Principle and Father's words. And finally they need heart washing. Next, after empowering the individual members, we must empower the families. He said if a couple is not united, they will not be able to reach out. He expected that 20% will do it, initially.

Mrs. Kathleen Goto described the HDH Family Church development in the Northern Virginia Family Church. They are striving to instill Core Values and virtues through HDH Family Church, and they are experimenting with a very flexible structure that allows people to create various themes within HDH Family Church. Some will focus on marriage and family counseling and sharing, others on study, others on leadership training, others on financial wisdom, etc.

Rev. John Hong introduced the development of HDH Family Church in the Washington, D.C. Church. He described their emphasis on a Father-Son Educational focus within Blessed Families as a starting point.

Rev. Jim Edgerly then delivered his PowerPoint presentation, which summarized the book "Where Do We Go From Here" by Ralph Neighbour. (You saw his slide show during Sunday Service.)

Rev. Shankar reported on the ongoing activities of the Education Department. He reported that a new ACLC introductory Video will be coming out soon, as well as a new outreach, guest-friendly FFWPU website. A very good Ambassador for Peace introductory video has been completed and is available. And, new slide show PowerPoint DP presentations are coming out which are HDH Church-style formats for use with your guests. Rev. Shankar also announced that a 21-Day and 40-day Workshop would be held this summer at UTS. Details will come later. In addition, a national-level Sunday School curriculum is being developed which DOES NOT need to be used by the states, but which would be available for those who would want to use it.

Jim Flynn gave a PowerPoint report on the work of AFC and the Ambassadors for Peace and gave everyone a good overview of the goals and needs of Ambassadors for Peace. He reiterated the near-term goal of 15,000 Ambassadors for Peace.

In Soo Kim reported on the 2nd Generation Department which he heads and gave a very valuable PowerPoint presentation of graphs and charts which showed how many 2nd generation there are by age group, and how many are graduating from high school and college every year. He stressed the urgent need for us to do more to connect older 2nd generation to our movement, not just as youth ministers, but in every other way. We must be creative, he emphasized. They are disappearing after high school, many of them. Only 23% go on to STF. The rest need to be given a place to fit into our culture and movement.

Alexa Ward, President of Womens Federation for World Peace, gave us an overview of her efforts worldwide, especially in Africa, and explained to us that they have no funding of any kind outside of their own organization. WFWP is working hard to expand its membership and associate membership. This will enable the organization to function and be self-sufficient. Both men and women are being encouraged to join, even as associate members for as little as $50 per year.

Erik Holt, the Chief Financial Officer of HSA-UWC, spoke of the general guidelines that must be adhered to in taking care of the bookkeeping for the Church. He noted that several states, including even headquarters, have experienced theft of bank accounts through on-line banking intrusions. He cautioned everyone to keep a close eye on bank statements when they are received.

Mr. Kazushi Mito is the new leader of CARP, taking Joshua Cotter's position. He plans to distribute a list of all Blessed college students and where they are going to school so that new high school graduates and their parents can choose to attend colleges where there are other Blessed Children and hopefully live together there.

Rev. Levi Dougherty talked about ACLC and distributed a packet of new membership literature and guidelines. Not so much time was spent on ACLC and Ambassadors for Peace since we have already been emphasizing these activities for several years and we focused on these at previous leaders' meetings.

Rev. Jenkins followed Rev. Dougherty and said: "Do not make ACLC inter-religious." He said it should be for Christians only, for now. He said that inter-religious work is very important but that it is appropriate for Ambassadors For Peace. He also said that Rev. Darrel Gray, a very prominent Canadian minister, came from the 1 family 1 church work of one Blessed Family there. Rev. Jenkins presented a PowerPoint presentation that outlined the important goals for the coming years. They included:

Goals: by 2008:

Make the Peace UN the most effective organization in the world for peace
Achieve influence with the US President
Achieve more influence with Congress

Goals by 2012:

Establish the literal nation of CIG
The US President should be appointed as an Ambassador for Peace
US Policy must be in-line with CIG
We must transform the US media into a Pro-Family media
A unified religious spirit should be guiding the US
Peace must be established in the Middle East
Peace must be established in Korea
2nd generation should be elected to public offices

Immediate goals:

We must establish HDH Family Churches (#1)
Begin in our home
Achieve our coronation in our tribe
Bless int/ext tribes
Membership doubled by 2005; increased 10 times by 2008
Strengthen families
Educate and train 2nd generation
Establish internships under all department leaders
30 American 2nd generation should go to UTS
20 American 2nd generation should be elected to Congress
Build the Ambassadors for Peace to 15,000
Build the ACLC to 2,000
Build the IIFWP/UPF

Dr. Yang also said that it is not so bad to miss HDH some days, but we should try never to miss Kyung Bae with our family on An Shi Il days. Dr. Yang said he will give FIVE full scholarships to 9th graders to attend Bridgeport Academy. These students must be in the top 10% of their class. He also encouraged us to send our children to top universities with scholarships, if possible, because he wants to see the day come soon when Blessed Children will be the top leaders of America.

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