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Simplified Blessing Vows For Home Events

Michael Hentrich
December 6, 2006

Dear Bro/Sis:

I have written below a simplified version of the 3 Blessing Vows that you can consider using in your Home Reading and Blessing event for the 5th World Tour. This is NOT official. It is just my own simplification. Other states and regions are simplifying the vows in this way, and Rev. Jenkins also said we can use a simplified version of the vows. Please let me or Peggy know your plans or reports of your home events. Thank you. We have to report every day about our events.

Rev. Hentrich

Simplified Blessing Vows

1. We will strive to create a True Family that God can be proud of.

2. We will strive to create a family in which 3 generations, grandparents, parents and children, love and serve God.

3. We will strive to live a life of true love by living for the sake of others.

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