The Words of the Hentrich Family

To All Brothers and Sisters - Special Meeting In Texas

Michael Hentrich
May 1, 2007

Dear Bro/Sis:

I am sorry I was not able to be with you last Sunday and share the wonderful message that I heard was given by Tomeo. I was asked to be at a special meeting in Texas with national youth leaders. It was very excellent and I will be asking at least one of them to come to Denver to share with us the very deep and valuable content that he shared with us there.

Also, this Sunday I will again not be able to be with you since I was asked to travel to Baltimore to work with Dr. Yang and Mrs. Erikawa in a special First Generation Matching meeting. I will be representing 5 matching candidates there, including our own precious Chiyomi Iwasa and Greg Reese. Your prayers about this will be appreciated.

All this is happening at the same time that we are putting together our plans to host Jun Sook Nim on May 25th here in Denver at the St. Francis Center on the Auraria Campus, and also Yun Ah Nim in Wyoming on May 26th. I am agonizing over the fact that I cannot talk to you face-to-face both last Sunday nor this coming Sunday about these very important events. I want so much to share my heart with you about these precious opportunities to host members of the True Family. It is such an honor to have the wife of Hyun Jin Nim here in Denver with us, sharing True Parents heart and vision, and Hyo Jin Nim's wife doing the same in Wyoming. I hope so much that you feel the same way or more. These two women are truly princesses of God's Kingdom to come.

I need to ask all of you several important things. First of all, please do NOT count on Rev. Peggy and the Ambassadors for Peace to come and fill the St. Francis Center for the Denver event. Not all of our Ambassadors for Peace come to our programs, unfortunately. Some do and we treasure them for being so prepared and responsive. But, we will be holding this event in a relatively small meeting room compared to a hotel ballroom, and we really need to feel a passion to make sure that there are more of our friends, contacts, family, Ambassadors, ministers, etc. than there are of us precious members in the audience. That will be the best gift we can give to True Family on this tour. They want to see and speak to us, certainly, but more so they want to speak to new people and non-members. Therefore, I need each family to make a determination to not only come yourselves but to also bring several (at least 3) guests to this event. I will talk to each one of you as the days go by to see how this will unfold.

Second of all, the day after the Denver event, which will be a Saturday, we will need to support the event in Wyoming. There is only one wonderful family there, in Laramie, and we need to plan from now to join them for that event. We need every family and member possible to make the 90-minute drive to Laramie and receive the blessing of hearing and attending Yun Ah Nim there. It will be a dinner banquet, unlike Denver, so a good meal will also be awaiting you there. Please free your schedule for that. If you really need help with gas, talk to me. If we don't go, who will? It is actually a double blessing for us all.

There is more to say, but let this suffice for now. God Bless each one of you. I am so sorry that I cannot be with you last weekend and this coming weekend. But, I know it will not affect our spirit and commitment to attend True Family at this time. Thank you, and please take to heart what I have said here. Thank you, again and again.

Rev. Hentrich

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