25th Anniversary Report - Denver, Colorado

Michael Hentrich
July 1, 2007

On July 1st, about 75 members, guests, friends, Ambassadors for Peace, ministers and a local mayor and her family all joined together for a gala celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the 2075 and 6000 Couples Blessings. The celebration, held at an Italian restaurant called Johnny Carino's near Denver, was a chance for all to recollect and enjoy memories, fun and great food with one another. A beautiful anniversary cake was cut and enjoyed.

A special Holy Wine toast was shared by all as the festivities began. Many 2nd generation joined in with their parents to celebrate this memorable day. And, one couple attended from England, being in Denver already for a special conference on marriages.

But the highlight for many was the fact that a sitting mayor of a local Denver suburb joined the occasion enthusiastically, briefly addressing the crowd and sharing in the Toast and even serving the anniversary cake to guests and friends in attendance. We really felt this was a stamp of approval and blessing on this special occasion in God's Providence and added recognition of the value of all of the Blessed Couples who have made it this far in their spiritual quests for the ideal family, clan and nation.

The mayor even had such an inspiring experience at the event that she decided to pay for not only herself and her husband, but also for her other two friends who accompanied her. She even served leftover anniversary cake at the following City Council meeting she presided over. We enjoyed the festivities and thank the Chimes and Love families, who organized this joyous celebration for all.