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CIG Courtesies Suggested For Our Community

Michael Hentrich
July 7, 2007

Hi all,
We have discussed, among our Elders, Church Council and at Fellowship Hour, the attached list of Courtesies which are common sense guidelines for our community life. The hope is that they can serve as an aide to our social lives even at home, let alone at the Church or other functions and serve as something that parents and Sunday School teachers and all of us can informally refer to as we interact with each other. I would appreciate any feedback and I hope this is seen as a welcome and positive thing. Thanks.
Rev. Hentrich

CIG Courtesies
Denver Family Church
July 8, 2007

Not only our Church, but also our homes and environment, should be considered the Home of God and should be a peaceful place and cared for appropriately. As we strive to create the Heavenly culture called Chung IL Guk, there are basic common courtesies that should be observed by everyone at the Denver Family Church. Among these basic courtesies are the following:

Use adequate lighting to create a bright atmosphere for your activities, but turn off unneeded lights when you finish

Close doors gently, without slamming them

If you drop things or make a mess, pick up and clean up after yourself

If you break something, tell an elder or leader about it

If you see something that needs attention, take responsibility for it

If you see someone who is needing help, help them or tell someone who can help them

When public meetings are going on, do not run around and make noise

Participate in Sunday Service or Sunday School when they are in progress

Line up for lunch only after Sunday Service is completely finished

Encourage guests to go to the front of the lunch line

Do not bring food or drink into the main Sanctuary

Eat only in the dining room unless an approved meeting is being held in another room for which food is required

Be public-minded and leave a "plus"

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